* Body with sculpted vest with leather texture detail and bullet belt.
* Three (3) heads: Classic Corpse Paint, No Makeup with sunglasses, and Debut Mercyful Fate makeup (not shown)
* Soft Goods: Black Cape with red lining and high-collar, Cloth rags (not shown) for arms and wrists
* Two (2) pairs of fists
* Two (2) pairs of gripping hands (not shown)
* Two (2) pairs of Expressive hands
* One (1) right hand throwing “The Horns”
* Two (2) Necklaces: Crucifix and Pentagram Chains to go around his neck (not shown)
* Goat Skull
* Blood-filled Skull Chalice
* Bone cross Microphone

King Diamond will also come packaged in a deluxe slip case-style box.

King said in a statement: “Come into my coven and become Lucifer’s Child. We bring you the Ultimates! Figures Collection by Super7.”

Pre-order yours now at this location. The figure is expected to ship in the summer of 2021.