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MARK TREMONTI covers FRANK SINATRA classics backed by members of SINATRA's touring band


Grammy Award-winning musician, producer, author as well as founding member of hard rock bands ALTER BRIDGECREED and TREMONTIMark Tremonti is “stepping out” with his most-ambitious and challenging project to date. Mark has partnered with National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) as he releases an album of Frank Sinatra covers titled “Tremonti Sings Sinatra”. The album of selections from Frank Sinatra‘s catalog is being released as part of a new charity initiative created by Tremonti called Take A Chance For Charity. Proceeds from the album — scheduled for release on May 27 — will go to support NDSS and the work they do to advocate for and support individuals with Down syndrome and their families. Mark and his family were blessed to welcome their first daughter Stella last March — who was born with Down syndrome — and the idea for the project was born. A video sharing the story of Take A Chance For Charity can be seen below.

“For years, I’ve loved singing along to Frank‘s songs,” Mark explains. “One night, I found an old video of him performing ‘The Song Is You’ from 1944. It made me want to dive into his vocal approach. I was all in and I wanted to do something with it. When we found out about our daughter Stella‘s Down syndrome diagnosis, the stars aligned. My obsession with Sinatra had its reason. Frank Sinatra raised more than a billion dollars for charity and that is a fact I wish the public the public knew more about. Beneath his cool and calm persona, he had a big heart. Doing this charity in his name was another way the stars had aligned. I decided to do this record to raise funds for families and individuals with Down syndrome. This project is the start of a new purpose that I will have for the rest of my life.”

Tremonti has come together with surviving members of Frank Sinatra‘s orchestra, creating new takes on some of the classics and some deeper cuts from Frank‘s catalog. From the opening horns and piano of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” to final vocal outro of “All Or Nothing At All”Tremonti showcases the signature vocal approach and exemplary musicianship that made Sinatra‘s work timeless. To see his vision through, Mark reached out to Sinatra‘s musical director Mike Smith who collected as many remaining members as possible of Frank‘s touring band to record the music for “Tremonti Sings Sinatra”. Popular standards like “I’ve Got The World On A String”“My Way” and “That’s Life” find new life in the hands of these incredible musicians. Tremonti — known for his guitar work that has won him countless accolades — leaves the instrument behind and just sings on the 14-track album. The artwork on the album cover is an original painting that Tremonti created especially for this project. A video for the first track “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” can be seen below.

The track listing for “Tremonti Sings Sinatra” is:

01. I’ve Got You Under My Skin
02. I’ve Got The World On A String
03. I Fall In Love Too Easily
04. Wave
05. Fly Me To The Moon
06. Nancy (With The Laughing Face)
07. My Way
08. You Make Me Feel So Young
09. Luck Be A Lady
10. That’s Life
11. Come Fly With Me
12. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
13. The Song Is You
14. All Or Nothing At All

Take A Chance For Charity is a new charity focused on giving artists, actors, athletes and anyone with a platform the ability to get out of their comfort zone. The idea is to have people get out of the genre they are known for to raise funds and awareness for the charity of their choice. An actor can sing, an athlete can dance, a musician can perform a song out of their musical genre – any artistic interpretation. This gives participants the ability to do something out of the ordinary — in fact, extraordinary — all in the name of charity. “Tremonti Sings Sinatra” will be the first release for the cause, the recipient being NDSS.

The National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) is the leading human rights organization for all individuals with Down syndrome. NDSS envisions a world in which all people with Down syndrome have the opportunity to enhance their quality of life, realize their life aspirations, and become valued members of welcoming communities. Founded in 1979, NDSS supports and advocates for the Down syndrome community by focusing on three key areas of programming: resources & support, policy and advocacy, and community engagement. Within these focus areas, NDSS engages in various activities, events, and programs on topics that are critical to our community such as federal and state advocacy and public policy, health and wellness, education, and employment. NDSS creates resources to support individuals with Down syndrome, their families, and caregivers across the lifespan and hosts awareness and engagement events throughout the country including the National Buddy Walk Program, the Times Square Video presentation and New York City Buddy Walk, Racing for 3.21 on World Down Syndrome Day, Run for 3.21, DC Golf Outing, the annual NDSS Gala & Auction, and various other events. Visit www.ndss.org for more information about NDSS.

Some quotes about “Tremonti Sings Sinatra”:

Hank CattaneoFrank Sinatra‘s “Duets” producer: “Mark did a fantastic job on this record, His voice and take on the tunes are amazing!”

Slash (GUNS N’ ROSES): “Mark‘s take on Sinatra is nothing short of uncanny. I could never have expected one of my fave metal guitarists to do such faithful renditions of Sinatra classics. Not only instrumentally, but vocally! And these recordings are for a cause near and dear to my heart; I was very close to an uncle who had Down syndrome when I was growing up. I fully appreciate and support Mark‘s commitment to NDSS.”

Kirk Hammett (METALLICA): “Holy shit, I knew Mark was a ripping guitar player, but no way did I ever have a notion that he had golden pipes as well!!! Totally blown away. Totally into it. Let’s hear more, Mark.”

Chris Daughtry: “When Mark first played me a track from this project, my jaw dropped. Gave me chills! This is a side of Mark‘s voice that people need to hear and I’m certain they will be just as blown away as I was.”

John Petrucci (DREAM THEATER): “Wow! I am absolutely blown away by Mark‘s performance on this album!! He delivers the songs authentically, embodying all that is Frank but giving us a glimpse of his own personality as well. I love the arrangements and the fact that some of Frank‘s original band members contributed to these tracks. Honestly, I’ve known Mark for a long time and know he is super talented but had no idea he was capable of channeling Old’ Blue Eyes like that! Just absolutely beautifully done and what makes everything even that much more touching is the cause. I bet Mark‘s daughter Stella was in his heart during every step of the recording processes. Incredible!”

Tyler Connolly: “Okay this is so frickin’ good! I had a smile on my face when I heard marks voice come in on ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin’. The production is fantastic, and I love that he has gifted the album to the NDSS (National Down Syndrome Society) Not surprised that he’s killed it on this one. Congrats, Mark. This is amazing!”

Brent Smith (SHINEDOWN): “Once again, Mark Tremonti never ceases to amaze me. These renditions of some of the most beloved Sinatra tunes, are so eloquently done that it is remarkable. And what a beautiful gift to the NDSS. Much love, respect, and success to this incredible project.”

James LaBrie (DREAM THEATER): “I met Mark around 10 years ago. First thing that struck me was his easy going, down-to-earth, respectful nature. That, to me, is a priority and a true measure of one’s makeup. Mark‘s talent precedes him, I’ve listened to him since the ’90s ’til present day. It wasn’t until I listened to Mark‘s solo albums that I was able to fully realize his vocal abilities. What a great voice!!! A beautiful and unique sound, alongside perfect delivery, dynamics and feel.

“When asked for my take on Mark‘s Sinatra project, I really didn’t know what to expect. I went into this from the perspective of what I’ve heard. I was asked to listen to two tracks. I listened to the whole damn thing!!! I was completely blown away. He sounds just like Frank, with just enough of his own vocal characteristics to infuse just the right amount of himself while honoring Frank‘s musicality. Mark did absolute justice to the number one iconic, legendary crooner of all time. A stellar job, nailing the inflections, nuances and all the subtleties in Frank‘s delivery that made him unparalleled. Bravo, Mark. An admirable endeavor and cause for NDSS. All the best, MarkVicky and lovely Stella.”

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