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Marduk release new song "Blood Of The Funeral"

Announce nw album "Memento Mori"

Photo credit: Håkan Sjödin


Swedish black metal band MARDUK is back with a new release entitled “Memento Mori”. Today, the band presents their new single “Blood of the Funeral”, offering a glimpse into their forthcoming album. This marks Marduk’s 15th studio album, set to be released on September 1st, 2023, via Century Media.

Watch “Blood of the Funeral” below.

The PRE-ORDER for “Memento Mori” starts today and the longplayer is available in the following formats:
Ltd. Deluxe Gatefold Ultra Clear-Black Splatter Vinyl With Alternative Cover Artwork
(Incl. LP-Booklet, Art-Print & Poster) (Limited to 2.000 copies / All Outlets)
Red Gatefold Vinyl
(Limited to 300 copies / Available at Century Media Shop)
White Gatefold Vinyl
(Limited to 500 copies / Available via Century Media Shop)
Golden Gatefold Vinyl
(Limited to 500 copies / Available at Levykauppa ÄX, Bengans, Supreme Chaos)
Silver Gatefold Vinyl
(Limited to 500 copies / Available at EMP & Nuclear Blast)
Black Gatefold Vinyl
(All Outlets)
CD Mediabook
(All Outlets)
Commenting on the album, Marduk frontman Daniel Rostén shares:
“Memento Mori is, all at once, a bold leap forward, a calculated sidestep, and a wistful backward glance. Meaning, we have broken new ground without forgetting our legacy or the journey that brought us to this point.”
Daniel Rostén (Vocals) 
Morgan Hakansson (Guitar) 
Devo Andersson (Bass) 
Simon Schilling (Drums) 

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