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MARATON release live stream video for "THE MANIFEST CONTENT"


Norwegian Prog Rockers Maraton did a live stream this summer and will release selected videos of the live stream on Facebook and YouTube in the time coming. The first track out is a fan favorite “The Manifest Content”.

Watch “The Manifest Content” below.

The track is taken from the band’s debut album “Meta”, which is now available as extended edition on all digital services as “Meta +”, including the two extra tracks “Almost Human” and “Fringe Logic”.  Listen to the album HERE.

In collaboration with Vi Er LiveOslo Audio and Under My Wing, the prog rockers Maraton did their first ever full production live concert online.

The live stream was recorded live @ Oslo Audio June 6, 2020

Fredrik Bergersen Klemp – Vocal
Simen Hundere Ruud – Guitar
Magnus Johansen – Keyboards
Frank Nordeng Røe – Drums
Ruben Aksnes – Bass

Production: Tom Roger Veslum
Lights and Visuals: Joffe Myrvold
Camera and Live Production: Harald A. Sundby / Henrik H. Andresen / Alexander R. Pabsdorff
Live Sound: Tom Roger Veslum
Audio Mix and Master: Simen Hundere Ruud
Video Post Production: Magnus Johansen
Original stream hosted by VIERLIVE

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