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MALEVOLENT CREATION and THRON confirmed for Party.San Open Air 2020


MALEVOLENT CREATION (USA) and THRON (D) confirmed for Party.San Open Air 2020

American death metal veterans MALEVOLENT CREATION has been confirmed for the Party.San Open Air 2020 festival, held in Thüringen, Germany. Also confirmed are German black metal band THRON.

Party.San has the following to say:
What do you want? fierce & ferocious or rather fine & fast? How do you like your Death Metal best? Old school of Scandinavian or American design? Melodic or brutal? Well-versed in technical terms or direct hit in the face? Few genres of Metal are so branched and sometimes as contrary as the good old Death Metal – let us know your preferences!

However, it doesn’t matter which subgenre you pay homage to when it comes to the importance of some of the bands in the genre. MALEVOLENT CREATION, which was founded in 1987 and has released 13 studio albums and a huge number of EPs, compilations, demos and singles that should not be underestimated into the world, is indispensable here. The two early 90s albums “The Ten Commandments” and “Retribution” are among the milestones of raw Death Metal and anyone who was unable to risk an ear til today should now make up for it urgently! OPEN FIRE!

Also confirmed are German Death-Blackers THRON.

Party.San had the following to say about them:
Admittedly: Anyone who can outfit himself as a fan of Naglfar and Necrophobic will experience the full blast with what comes out of your boxes. Superbly throaty vocals supported by brute, filigree guitar runs and aggressive drumming form an overall picture that is more likely to be assigned to the north of Sweden than to the Black Forest. Lend your ear to these youngsters: it’s worth it! OPEN FIRE!

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