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LORNA SHORE releases video for 'Of The Abyss'

Photo credit: Mike Elliott (@mpelliott)


Two years ago, LORNA SHORE releaed its groundbreaking “…And I Return To Nothingness” EP — which features the hit “To The Hellfire”. To celebrate this anniversary, the band has dropped a new video for EP track “Of The Abyss”, produced by Loki Films.

Watch “Of The Abyss” below.

Additionally, a new exclusive limited colored vinyl (limited to 1000 units, with etching on side B) for “…And I Return To Nothingness”, plus merch, is available now at lornashorestore.com.

Adam De Micco (guitar) comments: “I don’t think anyone of us could predict what the EP would have done for this band as well as us as individuals. Those three songs allowed us to do things we would have only dreamed of. We are extremely grateful for everything that came from this EP and want to celebrate its anniversary. Thank you for finding yourself in this body of work the way we have. Thank you for everything.”

Since the release of “…And I Return To Nothingness”LORNA SHORE has continued to take the music world by storm — most recently by appearing at some of the biggest festivals across Europe, before they kick off the second leg of their North American tour with metal heavyweights MASTODON and GOJIRA next week.

LORNA SHORE recruited singer Will Ramos (MONUMENT OF A MEMORY, ex-A WAKE IN PROVIDENCE) in 2021 following the departure of the band’s previous vocalist, CJ McCreery.

LORNA SHORE drummer Austin Archey told Cleveland Scene that he and his bandmates were aware of Ramos‘s skills because A WAKE IN PROVIDENCE had played some shows with LORNA SHORE.

“We just knew he was this dude who looks super young,” Archey said of Ramos. “But when we lost our old vocalist, I reached out to him. I didn’t know if he’d be interested. He was all in. Seven years into a career, it’s hard to find someone with that dedication. He was very prepared. I think he prepared his whole life for this. His first long tour with us was a two-week stretch. He hadn’t done anything like that. It was remarkable to see him step up from the ashes and become bigger than all of us.”

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