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LINKIN PARK's 'In The End' passes billion streams on SPOTIFY


According to Chart DataLINKIN PARK‘s “In The End” has surpassed one billion streams on Spotify, making it the first nu-metal song to reach the milestone.

Last year, LINKIN PARK‘s music video for “In The End” surpassed one billion views on YouTube. It was the second LINKIN PARK track to reach the milestone; back in November 2018, “Numb” achieved the same feat.

The official “In The End” clip that has hit the one-billion mark wasn’t uploaded to YouTube until October 2009, almost a decade after the video’s original release.

LINKIN PARK‘s Mike Shinoda spoke about the creation of “In The End” in an interview with Linkin Park Web. He said: “I came up with the piano and the chorus music and chorus lyrics. Then Brad (Delson, guitar) came up with the guitar in the verse and we worked on the bassline and composition. From there, I think everybody in the band began chipping in and adding their parts and critiquing each other’s parts. And right before we went into the studio to record it, we scrapped the beat I had originally written for the verse, and had Rob (Bourdon, drums) do a new one, which is the one that we recorded.”

Surprisingly, LINKIN PARK frontman Chester Bennington didn’t care for “In The End” when it was first recorded. “I was never a fan of ‘In The End’ and I didn’t even want it to be on the record, honestly,” he told VMusic back in 2012. “How wrong could I have possibly been? I basically decided at that point I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, so I leave that to other people who are actually talented at somehow picking songs that people are going to like the most. It also gave me a good lesson, as an artist, that I don’t necessarily have to only make music, in my band, that I want to listen to. More often than not, something that I like, very few other people like, and something that those people like is something that I kind of like, or don’t like at all. And that’s cool, it gives me a new appreciation for the songs. But, you know, now I love ‘In The End’ and I think it’s such a great song. I actually see how good of a song it is, it was just hard for me to see it at the time.”

Last October, “Hybrid Theory” re-entered Billboard‘s Album Sales chart at No. 3 after selling 17,000 copies in the U.S. in the week ending October 15, 2020.

“Hybrid Theory”‘s reappearance on the chart was fueled by the album’s 20th-anniversary deluxe reissue, which was made available on October 9, 2020 via Warner Records. The set came in multiple physical and digital formats, including a super deluxe box set, super deluxe vinyl box set and deluxe CD that all come with the original “Hybrid Theory” as well as the “B-Side Rarities” with 12 previously released tracks from the album era.

LINKIN PARK has not performed together in public since October 2017, when the surviving members staged a tribute concert in Los Angeles to Bennington.

The band has not officially announced whether it intends to carry on following the death of the singer, who committed suicide at the age of 41.

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