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KATAKLYSM release new music video 'Defiant'


Canadian melodic death metal heavyweights KATAKLYSM released  their 14th full-length studio album, UNCONQUERED, on September 25, 2020, via Nuclear Blast Records. Today. marks the 6 month anniversary of the release which garnered the band a Juno nomination. With the world still in a state of chaos 6 months later, the message they would like to convey to fans is to Become “Defiant” via the music video directed by Scott Hansen / Digital Thunderdome.an death metal veterans KATAKLYSM release their 14th full-length studio album, UNCONQUERED, via Nuclear Blast Records. Today, the band offers fans the music video for “Cut Me Down”, featuring Tuomas Saukkonen (WOLFHEART).

Watch the video for “Defiant” below.

Maurizio Iacono comments:
“March 25th, marks six months since the release of what we call our quarantine album, UNCONQUERED. There were many songs to pick from but after consulting with our label we both came to the conclusion and agreed that ‘Defiant’ was the song to pick for this video. The reason is that it’s what we need to be at the moment as we face a chaotic and unstable world. It’s an intense song that screams out strength in the face of the unknown. ‘Defiant’ was filmed by acclaimed director Scott Hansen in the Atlanta area and the storyline deals with a soldier dealing with PTSD after experiencing the horror of war. Unfortunately, due to Canada’s strict COVID-19 travel rules, bassist Stephane Barbe couldn’t make it to the video shoot so we decided to still shoot some parts with myself and J-F so we could still have some sort of band presence in it. The song is dedicated to the ones who sacrificed everything in order for us to have the freedoms today that so many take for granted “.

Watch the previously released ‘The Kilshot’ and “Cut Me Down” below.

»Unconquered« was recorded and engineered by the band’s long-time producer and guitarist JF Dagenais at JFD Studio in Dallas, TX. KATAKLYSM enlisted legendary Colin Richardson, post retirement, to aid in the mixing of »Unconquered«’s weightier and modernized sound with additional help from Chris Clancy’s technicality and precision. »Unconquered« stands among the best produced albums in the band’s career.

»Unconquered« will be available in the following formats:
  • CD Jewel Case
  • Vinyl
    • Glow In The Dark (Limited to 300)
    • Clear W. Black Splatter (Limited to 300 on band’s store only)
    • White W. Silver Splatter (Limited to 200)
    • Black
  • CD + Patch Bundle (Limited to 300)

Order your copy of »Unconquered« in the format of your choice AT THIS LOCATION.

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Track listing for »Unconquered«:
01. The Killshot
02. Cut Me Down
03. Underneath The Scars
04. Focused To Destroy You
05. The Way Back Home
06. Stitches
07. Defiant
08. Icarus Falling
09. When It’s Over

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