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JUDAS PRIEST Releases First Limited-Edition Rum


JUDAS PRIEST Releases First Limited-Edition Rum

JUDAS PRIEST are preparing to release their first spirit. The Judas Priest Spiced Rum “packs a punch with spicy notes of arrack, vanilla, burnt sugar and raisins”. At 37.5% ABV, it’s a warming and smooth rum with layers of flavors to discover whilst also remaining easily drinkable.

JUDAS PRIEST said in a statement: We are thrilled to announce the release of a new rum produced together with Brands For Fans. The complex nature of this new blend and the general versatility of rum goes hand in hand with the music produced by us over the last 50 years. It’s rum with a touch of evil.

Sari H. Wilholm of Brands For Fans added:
JUDAS PRIEST, a truly legendary band. Who’s not heard of them? Such an honor to be able to create this spiced rum with the band.”

Judas Priest Spiced Rum is released in a limited batch of 5,000 bottles on October 23 and retails at Systembolaget in Sweden for 349 SEK.

Facts about Judas Priest Spiced Rum
Alcohol: 37,5 %
Volume: 500 ml

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