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JOHN CORABI: 'Horseshoes And Hand Grenades' audiobook and paperback coming soon


In a new interview with Hear 2 Zen magazine, former MÖTLEY CRÜE singer John Corabi spoke about his 2022 autobiography, “Horseshoes And Hand Grenades”, which was released via Rare Bird Books. It was written with the help of MÖTLEY CRÜE historian/author Paul MilesCorabi said: “It’s been pretty quiet, to be honest with you. As with anything else in the entertainment industry, everybody talks about it in the beginning and then it just kind of falls into the background. But it’s still selling well. It’s not gonna be on any New York Times bestseller list, but I still get compliments on it. People still come up and ask me to sign it. And it’s just one more thing that I can put on my résumé. Hopefully, I think the audiobook and the paperback are coming out soon. So we’ll see. But I’m just happy we did it. It’s out there. It’s out in the ethos, man. People can check it out. So it’s all good.”

Last year, Corabi announced his return to THE DEAD DAISIES. When one fan reacted to the video on Facebook with the message “Michael Devin and John Corabi. I can’t, I’ve lost my mind – this is the best day EVER!”, THE DEAD DAISIES responded: “These guys are so ready to rock for you so it’s great that your ready to join them for some rock n roll fun”.

Corabi joined THE DEAD DAISIES in early 2015 and remained in the group until January 2019, during which time he recorded three studio albums with the band: “Revolución” (2015),“Make Some Noise” (2016) and “Burn It Down” (2018). In the summer of 2019, THE DEAD DAISES announced that they were being joined by legendary DEEP PURPLE bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes, who appeared on the band’s last two studio albums, 2021’s “Holy Ground” and 2022’s “Radiance”.

Last December, Corabi opened up about his departure from THE DEAD DAISIES, telling Backstage Pass: “I don’t know if maybe I misunderstood the plan, but when I joined the band, it was kind of a deal where we all sat and talked, and they said, ‘We’re probably gonna need you maybe half of the year. And then the other half of the year you can do your thing.’ And I said, ‘Okay,’ and I got involved with it. For some weird reason, that first record I did with the band — and I’m not taking responsibility for it — but that lineup, that record that we did, it connected with a lot of people. And the band went from wherever, whatever mark they were at before — we really started to do a lot of festivals; we did a whole run with KISS in America and in Europe; we went out with WHITESNAKE in America, and back again in Europe. It was just constant. And I even remember at one point we did the Ramblin’ Man festival and then packed up and went to do the Rock And Blues festival. And we literally played those two festivals on the same day. And I started to… It was tiring. And then one of the last tours I did with them in Europe, we did… I just remember I did, like, 10 shows in the U.K. and on a day off we flew to Holland and I had a sinus infection and bronchitis. I felt like shit. They gave me an inhaler and some then some lozenges and all this other stuff, and I finished a whole tour. We were doing press and we were doing acoustic sets, a two-hour set five days a week. And I kind of said, ‘Man, I’ve gotta get off the carousel for a minute here.’ I was just concerned that — if a guitar player breaks a string, they can change it. If you break a drum head, you can change it. If I blow out my voice, I’m kind of fucked… So I was just kind of concerned about that. And then the other part of it was the schedule was so hectic that my son was calling me, who’s my drummer in my solo band, and he’s, like, ‘Dad, literally, you suck. We were doing all these gigs, and now you’re off doing this thing with THE DEAD DAISIES. When are we gonna play together again?’ So I had the guilt thing going around in my head as well. So I just said, ‘You know what? I’ve done this for four years now. I’m gonna step away.'”

Corabi went on to say that he was “still great friends with all (THE DEAD DAISIES) guys, managers, and all their people. I just texted  Doug and Glenn yesterday, ‘Have a great tour. ‘So it’s all good,” he said. “I was like, ‘This is crazy’. The schedule was absolutely maniacally crazy. And I just said, ‘I’m gonna do my own thing at my own pace.’ And you have to remember when I left, I left in January (of 2019), and three months later I turned 60. So I was, like, ‘I think I kind of wanna slow down a little bit.'”

Earlier this month, Hughes launched the “Glenn Hughes Performs Classic Deep Purple Live – Celebrating The 50th Anniversary Of The Album Burn” tour. Glenn is performing DEEP PURPLE‘s legendary rock album “Burn” and is also playing DEEP PURPLE MKIII and MKIV songs.

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