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JOE SATRIANI To Release 'Crystal Planet' Comic Book Series


Incendium and Heavy Metal magazine have announced the launch of “Crystal Planet”, created by Joe Satriani and Ned Evett, under all-new music-focused Opus imprint.

A vivid space odyssey where Satchel Walker, a man out of time, finds himself caught between desperate factions as they battle for resources in the perilous orbit of a dying star. In a bold and brutal saga of sentient storms and Wingsuit armies, it’s music, and more importantly the power and emotion that music can conjure, which could bring an end to the conflict, restore harmony to the timestream, and reveal Walker‘s true place in the universe.

“Crystal Planet” begins as a five-issue series. The first print edition of each issue will be released as a prestige format limited edition collectible comic book, featuring cardstock covers, specialty foil treatments, glossy pages, and individual numbering. Each first printing will be limited to 1998 copies at $19.98, and available to order here. The first issue is available to order now and ships March 2021.

“Funny how things get their start,” says Satriani. “July 1994 I’m on tour with DEEP PURPLE and I’m warming up with my guitar backstage in a bull’s isolation cell at the Plaza de Toros in Gjion, Spain. Then and there, I start writing the opening riff to a song that will become ‘Crystal Planet’, and a few years later, it’s the title track for my ’98 album release.” He continues “Fast forward to 2013, friend and fellow guitarist Ned Evett makes an animated sci-fi video for my song ‘Lies And Truths’ using artwork from my ‘Joe’s Art 2013’ book. We projected that video on a 30-foot screen every night of the ‘Unstoppable Momentum’ tour. It was a hit with the fans which got us thinking we could expand the clip into a ‘Crystal Planet’ sci-fi epic. Ned and I formed Satchtoons, a company focused on creating animated content, and we got to work on scripts and demos for the ‘Crystal Planet’ pilot. Seven years later, thanks to Llexi Leon and Heavy Metal, here we are with our first comic book series! Llexi and I had worked together on his awesome ‘Eternal Descent’ comics, and by coincidence we met again when Heavy Metal published a short excerpt of ‘Crystal Planet’ adapted by Brendon Small for the magazine’s 2019 music issue. Both Ned and I love working with Llexi and the Incendium creative team; they bring so much artistry and expertise to our time-traveling adventure. I am thrilled to finally offer our fans the first full issue of what will ultimately be a three-novel trilogy.”

Llexi Leon says: “‘Crystal Planet’ is a thrilling rollercoaster through space and time, it’s Mad Max vs. Tron — with guitars! This has been an incredibly rewarding project to bring to fruition, digging deep into the lore behind one of the greatest instrumental rock records. Working with Joe has always been a pleasure, having collaborated in comics with Eternal Descent years ago his love of the medium is well known. There was a treasure trove of concepts and character exploration compiled over decades by Joe and his writing partner Ned that formed the basis of this project, with the ultimate goal to take fans on a journey to ‘Crystal Planet’ for the first time. TonyRichardCarlos, and Jacob have done a tremendous job realizing an incredible world and telling it’s story. It’s fitting that our publishing venture with Heavy Metal would begin with a space faring time travel adventure!”

The world of “Crystal Planet” will extend beyond the printed page into toys and collectibles. A Joe Satriani “Crystal Planet” action figure is also available to pre-order now for $29.95, featuring Joe in a Tri-Diver suit from the comics with his signature “Crystal Planet” Ibanez guitar. Shipping May 2021.

Source: Blabbermouth

Watch Joe Satriani – Yesterday’s Yesterday (Shapeshifting Track-by-track #13, Part 2) below.

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