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According to BillboardArtist Group International, which is one of the top independent booking agencies in the world, has signed alternative rock icons JANE’S ADDICTIONMichael Arfin and Marsha Vlasic will be the responsible agents for both JANE’S and singer Perry Farrell and his solo endeavors.

In November, Perry told Classic Rock magazine that fans can expect to hear new music from JANE’S ADDICTION in 2021. Asked if there might be another album from JANE’S ADDICTION in his future plans, the 61-year-old singer said: “I wouldn’t think albums, I’d think songs.

“We’ve got so much JANE’S material in the can,” he explained. “We’ll be releasing a couple of tracks, maybe writing some new ones. Not this year, ’cause we’re getting late in the year. But I can tell you in the next month or so I’m gonna be finishing up a couple of JANE’S ADDICTION tracks.”

In the same interview, Farrell revealed that he had his voice box removed during a recent operation on his vertebrae. The vocalist underwent successful surgery for “crushed discs in his neck,” a condition caused “mostly from partying and leaning back my head to rip out notes, and surfing and dancing around,” he said.

“They had to remove my voice box and put it on a table,” Farrell explained. “That was daunting. They literally exposed my skeleton, took the discs out and put in artificial discs. So now I am a quarter inch taller and twice as attractive to my wife.”

Last August, JANE’S ADDICTION played two songs during Lollapalooza‘s Lolla2020 livestream, a free four-night broadcast event which took place on the original dates of the Chicago-based festival. Farrell, guitarist Dave Navarro, drummer Stephen Perkins and bassist Chris Chaney reunited for their first public appearance in three years to perform “I Would For You” and “Stop!”

Formed in 1985 in Los Angeles, JANE’S ADDICTION has been firmly embedded in the collective pop culture consciousness for 35 years now. Farrell stands out as one of music’s most forward-thinking and enigmatic frontmen. Navarro remains a veritable guitar god. Perkins‘s tribal stomp has also influenced a generation of percussionists. The hugely influential band has sold in excess of seven million records in the U.S. alone. When Farrell created the traveling Lollapalooza festival, it galvanized the alternative rock movement and brought it to a whole new level.

JANE’S ADDICTION was signed to Warner Bros. after garnering critical claim for its release on the independent Los Angeles label XXX. Under their Warner Bros. deal, they recorded two more critically lauded but sometimes controversial albums, “Nothing’s Shocking” and “Ritual De Lo Habitual”.

JANE’S ADDICTION released its last album, “The Great Escape Artist”, back in 2011.

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