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JACK OWEN opens up about his departure from DEICIDE


In a new interview with RichardMetalFan, former DEICIDE guitarist Jack Owen was asked what it was like to share guitar duties with Kevin Quirion for Jack‘s final album with the band, 2013’s “In The Minds of Evil”. He said: “Kevin‘s awesome. He is a guy that would do anything for you. And he is so motivated as far as writing and contributing and helping out on the road with anything… But, yeah, Kevin is awesome. He wrote killer stuff on there — very thrashy, but me and him worked well together. There’s a lot of co-writing on there between me and him.”

Regarding how his split with DEICIDE came about, Jack said: “Oh, it was a problem with new stuff I was writing. I walked into practice and Steve (AsheimDEICIDE‘s drummer and main songwriter) had re-recorded it and changed notes here and there for three or four songs that I had. It was stupid at the time. But he’s, like, ‘Hey, I changed the notes so I get writing credit.’ And I’m, like, ‘That’s not how the songs go, though.’ And Glen‘s (BentonDEICIDE frontman), like, ‘It is now.’ (Laughs) So I literally walked out and ghosted them. (Laughs) Later on, it was like, ‘Hey, dude, you’re out.'”

One of the founding members of CANNIBAL CORPSEOwen joined DEICIDE in 2004 and played on four of the latter band’s studio albums: “The Stench Of Redemption” (2006),“Till Death Do Us Part” (2008),“To Hell With God” (2011) and the aforementioned “In The Minds Of Evil”.

In a 2017 interview with Metal WaniAsheim stated about Owen‘s departure from DEICIDE: “We were just kind of writing the record, and we were going over the songs. Me and Glen, we were, like, ‘We wanna redo the songs.’ It’s like we had completed them — about nine or twelve, whatever how many songs. They were all right, but we weren’t really psyched about them. So we decided to rewrite them. And Jack didn’t really like it. And he kind of left one day and just never came back. So that was that.”

In 2017, Owen joined SIX FEET UNDER, the death metal band fronted by his ex-CANNIBAL CORPSE bandmate, singer Chris Barnes.

SIX FEET UNDER‘s fourteenth studio album, “Killing For Revenge”, will arrive on May 10 via Metal Blade Records.

DEICIDE have recently released their provocative new single “Sever The Tongue” alongside a video, via Reigning Phoenix Music.  The track was recorded at Smoke & Mirrors, with DEICIDE at the helm of production. Engineering was provided by former VENOM INC drummer Jeramie Kling, with aid of DEICIDE guitarist Taylor Nordberg . The final mixing and mastering was done by Josh Wilbur. The song taken from the upcoming DEICIDE album ‘Banished By Sin‘, which is expected to be released somewhere this year. 

Watch “Sever The Tongue” below.

In addition to the single, DEICIDE has collaborated with David Brodsky from My Good Eye: Music Visuals for a visually arresting video that complements the track’s blasphemous undertones. With Brodsky at the helm, the video promises to be a cinematic journey through darkness and defiance. Allison Woest returns to produce, alongside a talented team dedicated to bringing the song’s thematic elements to life visually.

“Banished By Sin” looms on the horizon, ready to cement DEICIDE‘s legacy and influence in the death metal scene. The album is a testament to the band’s unwavering commitment to their craft, promising a collection of tracks that are both ferocious and unapologetically blasphemous.

“I’ve been sitting in a dark corner for several years now,” states Benton. “A few things have come into my life that have shaken and changed me. I got inspired writing this new record — it was like flipping a switch. I no longer have the aggravation of other people’s hangups interfering with what I have and want to do. I stopped chasing everybody else’s happiness a long time ago. The guy who started this shit is back! And it’s good to be back!”

“Musically, we’re back to the 1990s style,” Benton says. “There’s modern stuff in there, too. It’s DEICIDE the way it was meant to be. My hooky songs are there, Steve‘s prog-styled songs are there, and we got Kevin‘s theme-styled songs. Having Taylor in the band has impacted DEICIDE greatly. He’s a fantastic songwriter and player. He can do anything. The four of us contributed three songs each. I’m back with the high screaming and layering. I’m just absolutely going off on this one. I’ve been told it’s one of my best vocal performances. I’m like Rumpelstiltskin — here to spin your hay into gold. Everybody’s going to be pleasantly surprised.”

Watch the previously released ‘Bury The Cross… With Your Christ’ below (age restricted in some areas).

“Banished By Sin” track listing:

01. From Unknown Heights You Shall Fall
02. Doomed To Die
03. Sever The Tongue
04. Faithless
05. Bury The Cross…With Your Christ
06. Woke From God
07. Ritual Defied
08. Failures Of Your Dying Lord
09. Banished By Sin
10. Trinity Of None
11. I Am I…A Curse Of Death
12. The Light Defeated

DEICIDE are:Glen Benton | vocals, bassTaylor Nordberg | guitarsKevin Quirion | guitarsSteve Asheim | drums

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