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Irish folk/metal pioneers CRUACHAN return with their brand-new single "The Hawthorn"


Irish folk/metal pioneers CRUACHAN return with their brand-new single “The Hawthorn”

With their roots in Dublin, Ireland, the folk metal band Cruachan have staggered their heavy Celtic inspired metal across world since 1992. The band now release their new single “The Hawthorn” through Despotz Records.

Watch “The Hawthorn” below.

A track steeped in Irish folklore, ‘The Hawthorn‘ is set in Ireland during the 1700’s when the population were heavily under the influence of the Catholic church while still holding onto old Pagan beliefs. It balances the band’s love of Irish traditional folk music with uncompromising metal, a style of music the band helped develop back in the early 1990’s.

Frontman Keith Fay comments, “The Hawthorn tree is a fairy tree, you will see them all over Ireland growing in strange unlikely places where other trees would have been cut down. It is extremely unlucky to cut down a hawthorn tree else you anger the Faerie folk. In the song, the woman is taking her dead baby to bury under the tree, to give her baby to the faeries. We don’t know how the baby died or what has led to this decision but she is set in her ways and the baby will not have a Christian burial.”

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