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Into The Grave ORANGE GOBLIN announcement


Into The Grave ORANGE GOBLIN announcement

Into The Grave announce another band for Into The Grave 2020. Orange Goblin will be joining the roster at Into The Grave on Friday August 7th at the mainstage.

With the announcement only one band remains to be announced.

Earlier announced were:
Devin Townsend, Alestorm, Obituary, Venom, Clutch, Paradise Lost, Obituary, Gloryhammer, Static-X, Borknagar, Soen, Despised Icon, DRI, Sinister, Izegrim, Burning Witches, Svalbard, Kvelertak, Destruction, Exhorder, MOD, SOD, Necrophobic, Havok, Revocation, Darkest Hour, Butcher Babies, Vreid, 1914

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