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Nils Molin: “This band is an ever ongoing evolution that I highly doubt will stop progressing in the future.”

Het Zweedse Dynazty maakte al indruk met hun vorige album ‘Titanic Mass’, maar met ‘Firesign’ doen ze er nog een schepje bovenop. Zanger Nils Molin geeft ons een kijkje in hoe de band opereert en hoe ‘Firesign’ tot stand is gekomen. Alhoewel Molin ook als zanger verbonden is aan Amaranthe, waar hij nu mee op toer is, staat hij ook te trappelen met Dynazty op pad te gaan.

Door: Wim Rueter – 10 maart 2019

First off, congratulations on your great album ‘Firesign’, how has the feedback been up until now?
Thank you. It has been fantastic, as far as I am concerned. Our fans seem happy and the album seems to crossover to all kinds of audiences.

Can you let us in on the process leading towards the new album? Did you have all of the songs ready before heading into the studio? Did you do some last minute alterations to songs when recording them?
We started writing the album in the first quarter of 2017. The whole writing process went surprisingly fast and we finished ahead of our earlier estimations. And yeah, all songs were more or less 100% finished when we entered the studio. Only minor alterations where done in the studio.

How do you approach the songwriting? Are there constantly ideas and songs coming? Do you write a vast set of songs for an album? How do you balance the album out? Is it a band decision which songs will or will not make the album?
We sort of burst out general ideas as a band at first. Riffs, melodies, chord progressions etc. And then we start to work on whatever feels promising or inspiring. We usually do not write a vast set of songs, but more or less stop when we feel that we have a complete album and we do not feel there is need for more songs. Usually the selection process is very easy.

You got the very well-known Peter Tagtgren to produce the album. Did he purely take care of the production, or did he offer also some advice about the songwriting, or maybe played a bit himself here and there?
As far as songwriting goes, our albums nowadays are 100% produced by ourselves. Peter has been involved in the mix and that production part.

In which way does ‘Firesign’ differ from your previous album ‘Titanic Mass’? Did you approach ‘Firesign’ in a different way?
We did have a different approach for ‘Firesign’. This time we wanted to write a more dynamic album songwriting wise. And also record it in a more dynamic way. This was our general game plan, and something we stuck to all the way through the recording.

What are the necessary ingredients for a great Dynazty song anyway?
Soaring melodies, big arrangements, and strong performances from each bandmember.

You could say that you have a very recognizable sound, does this limit you in what to write or put on an album? Or are the songs naturally progressing towards a land mark Dynazty sound and song?
I think that our core sound always is there whenever we write a song. With that said we always experiment with or try new ways to expand our sound. This band is an ever ongoing evolution that I highly doubt will stop progressing in the future.

Your music has a lot of keyboards in them, as far as I know you do not have a keyboard player in your band? What is the reason behind that?
It is very common these days to do it this way. For us it is simply a choice of sound to use lots of keyboard arrangements. The need to have a live keyboard player has never really been apparent though. Maybe in the future.

Now the album is out, what are the next steps? Any touring plans perhaps?
Touring will start in early 2019, then summer festivals throughout the summer, and then some more touring throughout the end of next year.

This wraps it up for now. Anything you would like to add, that has not been covered by the questions above? Now is your chance, the space below is yours…
Thanks for reading, check out our new album FIRESIGN, and see you soon on tour!

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