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HOODED MENACE nominated for Emma Gaala (Finnish Grammy)


Death doom band HOODED MENACE have been nominated for an Emma Gaala (Finnish Grammy). The band’s new album, ‘The Tritonus Bell,’ has received the prestigious nomination in the metal category. The ceremony will take place on February 5, 2022 at the Hartwell Arena in Helsinki [FI] where winners will be revealed. The full nominations for the Metal category are as follows:·  Beast In Black – Dark Connection·  Bloodred Hourglass – Your Highness·  Bodom After Midnight – Paint the Sky with Blood·  Hooded Menace – The Tritonus Bell·  Korpiklaani – Jylhä

‘The Tritonus Bell’ is out NOW and can be streamed, downloaded, and ordered AT THIS LOCATION.

Available formats: 
CD Digipak
CD Clamshell Box
12″ Vinyl Gatefold Black
12″ Vinyl Gatefold Crystal Clear & White Marbled (250 copies)
12″ Vinyl Gatefold White, Purple & Blue Marbled (200 copies)

1. Chthonic Exordium (1:16)
2. Chime Diabolicus (8:10) (WATCH)
3. Blood Ornaments (9:01) (WATCH)
4. Those who absorb the Night (5:52)
5. Corpus Asunder (7:17)
6. Scattered into Dark (9:05)
7. Instruments of Somber Finality (2:45)
8. The Torture Never Stops (W.a.s.p. cover) (4:07)
Total: 47:40

Harri Kuokkanen – Vocals 
Lasse Pyykkö – Lead and rhythm guitar, bass
Teemu Hannonen – Rhythm guitar 
Pekka Koskelo – Drums

Recording studio: Horrisound Studios, SF Sound Studio, The Underground Crypt, Sonic Train Studios
Producer/sound engineer: Hooded Menace, Andy LaRocque. Drum recording sessions engineered by Kimmo Perkkiö  
Mixing studio and engineer: Sonic Train Studios, Andy LaRocque
Mastering studio and engineer: Sonic Train Studios, Andy LaRocque

Cover artwork artist: Wes Benscoter

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