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HOLYCIDE release video for "A.I. Supremacy"


Spanish thrashers HOLYCIDE (led by Dave Rotten from Avulsed) presents  “A.I. Supremacy”, the 1st single from upcoming studio album “Towards Idiocracy”. The album will be out on on June 6th, though Xtreem Music. The release comes with visualiser . 

Watch “A.I. Supremacy” below.

Still bonded by blood with Xtreem MusicHolycide will unleash the fistful of metal that is Towards Idiocracy (CD/LP/MC) on June 6th, 2024 – the international day of Slayer. What more fitting release date could there be for an album which is Holycide’s very own Reign In Blood? Their most intense, unyielding, inexorable album to date! 

Music for new album was recorded:

  • guitars, bass & drums at Black Night Studios (Palma de Mallorca),
  • vocals at Sanctuary Studios (Madrid).

Produced and arranged by Vicente J. Payá at Black Night Studios. All was mixed by Javier Fernández Milla at Montseny Studios (Angelus ApatridaAvulsed) and mastered by Davide Billia at MK2 Recording Studio (AntropofagusBeheaded). Vividly violent artwork was done by Daemorph Art (The Black Dahlia MurderVulvodyniaBodyfarm). Band photo by Lucretia Morti.


01. A.I. Supremacy
02. Towards Idiocracy
03. Remote Control
04. Lie is the New Truth
05. Power Corrupts
06. Technophobia
07. Angry For Nothing
08. Chemical Dependency (Atrophy cover)
09. Pleased to Be Deceived
10. Flamethrower ’em All


Dave Rotten – vocals (Avulsed, Christ Denied, Putrevore)
Salva Esteban – lead guitar (Charontid)
Ankor Ramírez – lead guitar
Vicenta J. Payá – bass (Unbounded Terror, Golgotha)
Santi Arroyo “GoG” – drums (Avulsed, Buriality)

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