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HELLOWEEN - new live single/video 'Forever And One'


Helloween “United Alive” OUT NOW
+ release new live video for ‘Future World’

Today, HELLOWEEN release their new live album/ DVD »United Alive« & »United Alive In Madrid«, that means that from now on, we can all revisit the PUMPKINS UNITED WORLD TOUR every night without even leaving the couch. What is served, is no less than the greatest hits from 30 years and a breakneck trip through the entire HELLOWEEN repertoire – a 14 month metal quake, featured on the cover of almost every metal magazine including the world’s biggest metal magazine, Japan´s »BURRN!«, which dedicated an unbelievable four cover stories to this tour. In other words: Clear the ring for the next round of PUMPKINS UNITED madness! On top of that, HELLOWEEN will perform on the world’s biggest metal festival today: ROCK IN RIO, alongside other rock and metal legends like SCORPIONS, IRON MAIDEN and SEPULTURA. There could be no better way celebrate this epic release.

As a bonus, the band also unveil a new live video for ‘Future World’. Watch the new clip here

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