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HEILUNG release video for "Traust", Live at Red Rocks 2021


HEILUNG played the Red Rocks Amphitheatre twice over in 2021. Now, from that unforgettable night under the starlit Colorado sky, the Nordic collective brings forth ‘Traust’, a fragment from their forthcoming live album, ‘LIFA Iotungard’.

Watch ‘Traust’ below.

‘LIFA Iotungard’ will be available through Season Of Mist on August 9, 2024. Pre-order at THIS LOCATION.

1. Opening Ceremony (1:03)
2. In Maidjan (12:30)
3. Alfadhirhaiti (7:23)
4. Krigsgaldr (9:04)
5. Hakkerskaldyr (3:33)
6. Svanrand (3:31)
7. Norupo (5:42)
8. Othan (10:21)
9. Traust (9:41) [WATCH]
10. Elddansurin (7:25)
11. Hamrer Hippyer (13:32)
Total runtime: 37:06

vailable Formats:
Digital Download
2CD Digipak
2×12″ Vinyl Gatefold – Black
2×12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Crystal Clear
2×12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Silver
2×12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Crystal Clear & Black Marbled
2×12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Gold & Orange Mixed
2×12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Transparent Red
2×12″ Sand-Filled Vinyl Gatefold – Sand-Filled Clear

Earlier this year, HEILUNG announced a string of European tour dates, where they will be playing in support of their brand new album ‘Drif’, which can heard in full AT THIS LOCATION. The cover artwork, track titles and further album info can be viewed below.

Track-list:1. Asja (5:17) [LISTEN]2. Anoana (4:57) [WATCH]3. Tenet (13:05) [WATCH]4. Urbani (2:55)5. Keltentrauer (8:26)6. Nesso (7:54)7. Buslas Bann (5:03)8. Nikkal (3:04)9. Marduk (8:34)Total: 59:15

Line-up:Kai Uwe Faust Christopher JuulMaria FranzRecording studio: Lava Studios CopenhagenProducer / sound engineer: Christopher JuulMix/Master: Lava Studios Copenhagen, Christopher JuulGuest musicians:–    Annicke Shireen, Emilie Lorentzen, Mira Ceti, on track: 1, 2, 3 and 8–    Jacob Hee Lund and Nicolas Schipper on track: 1, 2, 3 and 7–   Ruben Terlouw, Pan Bartkowiak, Marijn Sies, Gwydion Zomer, Isabella Streich, Martin Skou, Samiye van Rossum, Nadia Kalamieiets, Edward Boyter, Nina Cornelia Schilp, Mitchell Bosch, Gwydion Zomer and Katalin Papp on track: 2, 4 and 5–    Vilja Christine Agger, Ea Christine Agger and Michael Berberian on track: 3

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