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HATE ETERNAL Releases Instrumental Version Of 'Upon Desolate Sands' Album

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HATE ETERNAL Releases Instrumental Version Of ‘Upon Desolate Sands’ Album

HATE ETERNAL has released an entirely instrumental version of 2018’s “Upon Desolate Sands” album. The record is available now via the official HATE ETERNAL Bandcamp at this location.

The song is streaming thought the Bandcamp widget below.

“For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to release an all instrumental version of a HATE ETERNAL album to allow a different perspective into our music,” explains guitarist/vocalist Erik Rutan. “On the two-year anniversary of our Season Of Mist release ‘Upon Desolate Sands’, that time has finally come. Simply titled ‘Upon Desolate Sands – The Instrumentals’, it’s mastered by Alan Douches of West Side Music and is only available on the HATE ETERNAL Bandcamp. We hope you enjoy this unique journey through the dynamic passages of this musical landscape.”

“Upon Desolate Sands” was released in October 2018 via Season Of Mist. The artwork for the disc was created by renowned artist Eliran Kantor (TESTAMENTATHEISTARCHSPIRE).

Rutan previously stated about the LP: “For years I have wanted to add a heavier and darker element into HATE ETERNAL, and for years that vibe just never came to me. For this album, the inspiration came and the heaviness followed. Using a lower tuning then our norm for a few songs on ‘Upon Desolate Sands’ and going through some personal life experiences, helped create a depth of darkness and sense of despair to inspire me to write ‘Nothingness Of Being’. I never have forced anything when it comes to the writing process, we just let the songs flow naturally and write and play what we feel. Crafting a couple of songs with a completely different tuning really helped direct a different path and direction for the writing process. This song amongst some of the more traditional chaotic tunes on the album helps really create a sense of dynamics in a dramatic way. Every song on this album has its own unique texture creating a vast landscape of musical expression and a multitude of emotions, pushing the envelope in every way we can!”


Erik Rutan – vocals, guitar
J.J. Hrubovcak – bass, vocals
Hannes Grossmann – drums

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