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GRAVESHADOW announces new lineup; new single due May 29


GRAVESHADOW announces new lineup; new single due May 29

 The symphonic/gothic metal group GRAVESHADOW will begin a new chapter on May 29, when the Sacramento, California-based act releases a new single, “Gwynnbleidd.” In addition to being the first new music from the band’s acclaimed 2018 M-Theory Audio debut “Ambition’s Price,” the song marks the debut of two new members: vocalist Rachl Quinn and bassist Luci Rae.

According to founding guitarist Will Walker, the new additions to GRAVESHADOW have reinvigorated the group:
“I can’t explain how elated and and overjoyed I am that this has all come together,” he says. “At the end of 2018, I sincerely thought GRAVESHADOW was over. Aaron (Robitsch, guitars/keyboards) and I were writing for a new project, but when we heard Rachl’s audition tapes, there was no question that GRAVESHADOW had a chance to come back stronger than ever. The addition of Luci opens up new frontiers in writing, and the whole group just works together so well. This is a huge shake-up, a whole new lineup. While I know many of our fans may be raising some eyebrows right now, I feel confident that this lineup is going to deliver material that is going to kick us up to the next level. Thank you all for your continued support, and stay tuned – this is just the beginning of the next chapter in GRAVESHADOW history!”

Adds Robitsch:
“Words cannot describe my excitement for what this lineup has in store! A year ago, I seriously thought this band was done for and was deeply saddened that all we had accomplished had come to a sudden end. I have to give a huge shout-out to my friend Avi Cohen for recommending Rachl, as her voice inspired Will and me to continue. Having Luci not only providing bass, but also growls allows us to present a new dynamic of vocal layers that we couldn’t accomplish with a single vocalist. I will cherish the memories shared with the ‘Ambition’s Price’ lineup, but I’m confident that new team is worthy of the GRAVESHADOW name!”

“Gwynnbleidd” is expected to appear on GRAVESHADOW’s forthcoming EP.

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