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GRAHAM BONNET says he has written six new songs with ARCH ENEMY's JEFF LOOMIS


Legendary rock singer Graham Bonnet has confirmed that he is collaborating with former NEVERMORE and current ARCH ENEMY guitarist Jeff Loomis on a new album. Explaining that the LP will be “totally separate” from what he is doing with his GRAHAM BONNET BANDGraham revealed that he and Jeff have already written six songs so far. “It’s just a matter of getting a deal for that, actually; that’s what we’re doing,” the 75-year-old vocalist told the Mike Nelson Show. “We’re gonna do like a demo track so we can play it for somebody. You know, the usual thing: ‘What do you think?'”

Bonnet added: “Jeff is a great guitar player and I am very proud to work with him.”

Back in June 2021, it was announced that Loomis would be joining Bonnet‘s version of ALCATRAZZ. It is not presently clear if the material the two musicians are working on will be released under that moniker.

Bonnet previously described Loomis as “a powerhouse of a musician, a brilliant writer and a great guy. His skills are unparalleled and I am thrilled at the prospect of recreating the magic of the early days of ALCATRAZZ but with a modern, heavier sound,” he said.

“When I first heard Jeff, I was astonished by his technique coupled with his great feel and incredible melodies.”

When his addition to Bonnet‘s version of ALCATRAZZ was first announced, Jeff commented: “I’m super excited to be working with Graham Bonnet. I’ve been a longtime fan of his vocals and lyrics for many years, and it’s going to be an honor to craft some amazing music together and play some select live shows.”

Graham‘s version of ALCATRAZZ is not to be confused with the ALCATRAZZ band featuring original members Jimmy Waldo and Gary Shea, along with new vocalist Doogie White (RAINBOWYNGWIE MALMSTEENMICHAEL SCHENKER FEST),drummer Larry Paterson and guitarist Joe Stump, which will release a new album, “Take No Prisoners”, in May via Silver Lining Music.

Loomis made a guest appearance on the GRAHAM BONNET BAND‘s latest studio album, “Day Out In Nowhere”, which came out in May 2022.

Bonnet is a hard rock legend with a pedigree to back that statement up. His solo offerings and stints with RAINBOWMSGALCATRAZZ, and IMPELLITTERI prove he is one of the finest rock vocalists and songwriters of his generation. From his late 60s into his 70s, Graham has written and recorded three of the best albums he’s ever done, including a reunion album with GRAHAM BONNET’S ALCATRAZZ called “Born Innocent” in 2020, along with three records with his GRAHAM BONNET BAND: 2016’s “The Book”, 2018’s “Meanwhile, Back In The Garage” and the aforementioned “Day Out In Nowhere”.

Graham‘s version of ALCATRAZZ is not to be confused with the band featuring original members Jimmy Waldo and Gary Shea, along with new vocalist Doogie White (RAINBOWYNGWIE MALMSTEENMICHAEL SCHENKER FEST), drummer Mark Benquechea and guitarist Joe Stump, which released a new single, “Turn Of The Wheel”, earlier this month.

“Turn Of The Wheel” came out six months after WaldoStumpShea and Benquechea issued a statement saying that would be joined by White for all their 2021 touring. Just a month earlier, Bonnet said that he was “no longer affiliated” with ALCATRAZZ‘s manager Giles Lavery.” At the time, the other ALCATRAZZ members shot back, saying that they were “still represented” by Lavery and blasting Bonnet for “dictating to us who our collective or individual manager may or may not be.”

Not long after, Bonnet released a statement via his social media in which he said that he “will still be recording and performing with ALCATRAZZ. I am the founder and main songwriter and have been since the band’s inception in ’83.” He added that he will “be announcing the incredible new ALCATRAZZ lineup in the spring” and promised to take the new band on the road.

Bonnet‘s comments naturally created confusion within ALCATRAZZ‘s fan base, prompting him to issue a follow-up statement explaining his position.

Graham wrote: “When my manager resigned in June 2020, I asked the band collectively if they would be interested in touring to support the new album. They informed me that they were only interested in touring if my former manager was included. No one was ‘fired,’ we just parted ways. As that signaled the end of this version of ALCATRAZZ, I immediately began to seek new players for yet another new ALCATRAZZ line-up.

“I have performed with other versions of ALCATRAZZ since the demise of the original band, this was just the first time I played with any original members and the first time I recorded using the name ALCATRAZZ. The day my manager resigned, he also removed me as admin of the ‘Graham Bonnet and ALCATRAZZ‘ band FB page so I was unable to let fans know what was happening until recently when FB returned my page.

“The first misunderstanding happened when I posted on the band page that ‘Graham Bonnet and ALCATRAZZ‘ were no longer associated with Giles Lavery management. When I said that, I wasn’t referring to the recent line-up. They had already informed me months earlier that they would only tour with my former manager and to me, that meant that they had quit. My reference was to my new version of ALCATRAZZ. I have no plans to relinquish the name ALCATRAZZ and I expect that they don’t either. This is an old story, bands break up and there becomes two versions. I’m not bothered by it. I’ve toured with Doogie the past few years with MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST and he is a good friend and a damn fine performer. In my opinion, there is no such thing as too much music. People can listen to one or the other or both versions and choose whatever they like. I’m not interested in squabbling over a name, I’d rather just make music.”

When WaldoStumpShea and Benquechea announced that they were working with White, they vowed to put on “an explosive live show featuring all of the ALCATRAZZ classics that you know, plus added selections from Doogie‘s work with RAINBOW and MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST/TEMPLE OF ROCK.”

WaldoStumpShea and Benquechea‘s version of ALCATRAZZ has launched a Facebook page where they will be posting all their news going forward.

Source: Blabbermouth

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