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God Dethroned fan gives head to her boyfriend on stage at Extreme Obscene


During the GOD DETHRONED performance on the Obscene Extreme festival in Czech Republic, the band get surprised by a couple on stage performing fellatio. A woman franticly invites her boyfriend (presumably) on stage, just in time to close the set of the band. You can check out the footage AT THIS LOCATION (mark 3:38 and on).

God Dethroned mainmain Henri Sattler:
I was aware of this, but there isn’t much to say about it, really. The festival is called “Extreme Obscene” and these folks just pay hommage to the festival’s name. There’s people running around naked all the time there, nothing to be shocked about. Let me also add that the general vibe at the festival was great, but that is really all I have to say about it“.

God Dethroned is currently promoting its most recent album ‘Illuminati’, which after the First World War trilogy sees the band return in splendour to its occult roots.

Sattler also runs his own guitar brand, Serpent King Guitars

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