Glenn Danzig: Misfits Have ‘Talked About’ Doing Something New Musically

Glenn Danzig has been putting his focus of late toward his long awaited Danzig Sings Elvis album, and while speaking about that collection with Rolling Stone recently, he also spoke briefly about his other band, the Misfits.

During the chat, Danzig revealed that things were pretty quiet for the group at the moment, save for a May 4 appearance at the Domination Festival in Mexico that has since been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. When later asked if Misfits have considered a live release or new music, Danzig added, “Yeah, we’ll see. It’s something we’ve talked about.”

Since reuniting at 2016’s Riot Fest, Misfits have been picking and choosing where they want to play, foregoing a full on tour and choosing to go the route of one-off shows.

When asked his thoughts on how the reunion has gone, the singer stated, “We sold out Madison Square Garden. As a matter of fact, we oversold it. Back in the day, all the bigwig promoters and record label people were like, ‘A punk band will never headline Madison Square Garden.’ And of course, we’re the first punk band to headline there. And not only did we sell it out, we oversold it. So a big fuck you to all those assholes, who are probably selling hotdogs on Sixth Avenue.”