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GENUS ORDINIS DEI reveal new "Edict" music video and single


GENUS ORDINIS DEI reveal new “Edict” music video and single

Italian symphonic death metal pioneers Genus Ordinis Dei are back with another new single & music video “Edict” which contains the third song/episode of their metal music opera series and concept album, Glare of Deliverance.

Watch the new Episode 3 “Edict” music video right now below.

“Edict” continues the story of Eleanor, picking up where the previous episode “Hunt” left off. The Holy Inquisition has captured her after a brutal chase through the forest. The Cross have her in their clutches now, and they are taking her to the citadel where hatred spreads like a disease. She fears for her life and tries to resist. The residents of the citadel cast her looks of disgust and contempt, while The Black Friar awaits the witch. Who will save her? Can you resist her glaring eyes while she looks at you and cries for help?

Glare of Deliverance is the band’s third full-length album, and it was produced by Tommaso Monticelli (Jumpscare, Eternal Delyria, Geschlecht) at Sonitus Studio. It features ten tracks of powerful, soaring symphonic metal that will leave you amazed, both sonically and visually. The video series brings the concept art of Tom Roberts (Ghost) to life and may even give you nightmares! The horror-esque storyline leaves you feeling helpless, unable to save Eleanor from her corrupt accusers while the hooks of the music remind you of her struggle.

Glare of Deliverance will be released on December 4, 2020 via Eclipse Records.

Glare of Deliverance track listing
01. Ritual
02. Hunt
03. Edict
04. Examination
05. Torture
06. Judgement
07. Dream
08. Abjuration
09. Exorcism
10. Fire

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