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DRAGONFORCE drummer GEE ANZALONE records drums for NETFLIX series 'Cobra Kai'


DRAGONFORCE‘s Gee Anzalone has recorded the drums on “Strike First”, the end-credits song of the fifth season of the hit Netflix series “Cobra Kai”Anzalone worked on the track with composers Leo Birenberg and Zach Robinson.

Watch Anzalone play “Strike First” below.

Said Gee: “Thanks to Zach Robinson for the opportunity to join this new adventure! It was great to work with him and Leo Birenberg on this new version of their classic ‘Cobra Kai’ track! As a fan of the ‘Karate Kid’ movies and ‘Cobra Kai’ series, I feel so proud to be part of all of this!”

Robinson said: “I’ve been a fan of DRAGONFORCE since I was 15 years old and have seen them perform live over 10 times, so it’s safe to say their music has been a major influence on my work, with ‘Cobra Kai’ being no exception. When I saw Gee wearing a ‘Cobra Kai’ tee at DRAGONFORCE shows this last tour, I knew I had to reach out and get him on the soundtrack. Collaborating with Gee on our extended version of ‘Strike First’ is a dream come true and real privilege for me and my partner Leo Birenberg. We’re proud to have Gee and DRAGONFORCE officially part of the ‘Cobra Kai’ family!”

You can hear “Strike First (Extended)” by Birenberg and Robinson on the official soundtrack for “Cobra Kai: Season V”, to be released everywhere on September 16.

On Friday, September 9, Netflix released season five of “Cobra Kai”. The show is a continuation of the “Karate Kid” franchise and follows Johnny Lawrence as he creates his own dojo. Actors Ralph MacchioWilliam ZabkaMartin KoveDallas Dupree Young and others reprise their roles.

The television series originally premiered as a YouTube Red show in 2018. After the show went viral, the first season was quickly picked up by Netflix“Cobra Kai” has since developed into one of the biggest jewels in the streaming giant’s crown.

A former member of BRAINDAMAGE and KILL RITUALAnzalone joined DRAGONFORCE in 2014 as the replacement for Dave Mackintosh. A native of Turin, Italy, Gee is a drum teacher who graduated from the NAMM Academy of Milan and carries on the well-established multi-national mix of musicians that make up DRAGONFORCE.

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