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Former ACCEPT bassist PETER BALTES recruited for U.D.O.'s European tour


Former ACCEPT bassist Peter Baltes will play bass for U.D.O., the band fronted by original ACCEPT singer Udo Dirkschneider, on the group’s ongoing European tour starting with the September 9 concert in Berlin, Germany. Baltes will be filling in for U.D.O.‘s regular bassist Tilen Hudrap who was hospitalized after the band’s show in Munich, Germany on Sunday, September 4.

Earlier today, U.D.O. released the following statement via social media: “Dear Fans, As you may already have heard, last night Tilen Hudrap, our Bass Player & invaluable member of the U.D.O. Family, had to be rushed to Hospital after nearly collapsing on stage. Tilen is a guy who would walk barefoot over burning coals to play a show, but his body, after Months of stress of every kind, just could not take it any longer. He is in excellent hands at a great hospital in Munich, where doctors are continuing to run tests on him to ascertain the quickest way to bring him back to full health. But for right now, the best medicine is rest.

U.D.O. will continue the Tour without Tilen until he has fully recovered. The next two shows in Pratteln and Stuttgart will be performed without a Bass Player, then Peter Baltes will join us as temporary replacement from Berlin onwards.

“Of course we will all be devastated to not have Tilen on stage with us, but his health comes first, and as soon as he is able, you can be sure he will be up there, Rocking the World, stronger than before.

“We love you Tilen! Get well soon!”

Tilen added in a separate statement: “This is the hardest thing I ever wrote publicly.

“As a public person I feel compelled to write what I will write, especially because I owe it to the fans: the fans of the band, my own fans’n’supporters from all the years of touring and to everyone involved in this touring commitment going on at the moment.

“Yesterday my body gave in on stage.

“In twenty years I never cancelled one single show and in all my professional years I never cancelled a tour or a concert. Not with a broken finger, not with 40C body temperature, not while barely standing, after I haven’t slept for 52 hours, not ever.

“At the beginning of the world tour this was the last thing I wanted to do (to cancel ANYTHING, let alone a 3 month tour) so despite my burnout condition that I never talked publicly about and against the advice of my doctors and my family I went on tour to not let down my brothers in the band and the hardworking crew and management/booking agency. I always prided myself in being a road warrior and went through way crazier situations in my career so I thought this would not be a big deal (to do a nice 3 month tour). It turned out it was.

“(Un)Fortunately!!! My body gave in during the last two songs yesterday.
Respiratory alkalosis, total hyperventilation, uncontrollable tremors, momentary collapse of body functions and complete burnout. The doctors in the emergency room in München said I should never went on stage for the last week, let alone during the whole summer. My body was running on fumes. They basically saved me.

“I’m in the hospital now, writing this and thinking about everyone involved.
Sorry to everyone and all the fans, but I need to take some time to get back to 100%.

“Please know I would never not go play if it wasn’t serious as it is. Most of this was caused by unreal amounts of no sleep, stress, e. rollercoasters and on top corona period. All this, plus decades of work that took me to where I am, put a price on my body.

“Yes, I remain in the band, the new album is in the works and someone nice will come to replace me indefinitely until I get back in shape for which you always known me for. You know I always gave 200% and always will!

“I will make a few updates in the following days to keep everyone in the loop. Got many worried msgs, I wanna assure everyone that I will be fine and come back stronger than ever. A metal heart is hard to tear apart!

“Last, but not least and most important: indescribable gratitude to my band brothers and crew for their support in the most dire situation yesterday and in general. I love you guys!

“METAL Lives!”

U.D.O. — the band led by iconic singer Udo Dirkschneider, who celebrated his 70th birthday (April 6th) in the form of his first solo album titled »My Way« earlier this year (released April 22, 2022 through Atomic Fire Records kicked off their 2022 »Game Over« world tour in Nuremberg (Hirsch), Germany this Thursday. French heavy metallers EXISTANCE will be supporting the quintet at all 47 shows until the end of November, interrupted by a 2-week Latin American trip in October (U.D.O. only!).Details & Tickets: https://udo-online.de/tourdates.html»Game Over« – Europe Tour 2022w/ EXISTANCE01.09. DE Nuremberg – Der Hirsch02.09. DE Memmingen – Kaminwerk03.09. DE Langen – Neue Stadthalle04.09. DE Munich – Backstage (Werk)06.09. CH Pratteln – Konzertfabrik Z707.09. DE Stuttgart – LKA Longhorn09.09. DE Berlin – Huxleys Neue Welt10.09. DE Leipzig – Hellraiser11.09. DE Regensburg-Obertraubling – Eventhall Airport13.09. DE Hamburg – Gruenspan14.09. DE Cologne – Essigfabrik15.09. DE Saarbrucken – Garage16.09. DE Markneukirchen – Musikhalle17.09. DE Vacha – Vachwerk18.09. BE Antwerp – Zappa21.09. DK Copenhagen – Amager Bio22.09. DK Fredericia – Eksercerhuset23.09. DE Coesfeld – Fabrik25.09. SE Stockholm – Fryshuset Klubben26.09. SE Gothenburg – Trädgår’n27.09. SE Helsingborg – The Tivoli29.09. NO Kristiansund – Kulturfabrikken30.09. NO Trondheim – Byscenen01.10. NO Odal – Milepelen02.10. NO Stavanger – Folken»Game Over« Tour – October 202208.10. BR Fortaleza – Complexo Armazém09.10. BR Recife – Clube Internacional do Recife11.10. BR Belem – Botequim12.10. BR São Paulo – Carioca Club13.10. BR Rio Branco – Espaço 14 Bis15.10. BR Rio de Janeiro – Sacadura 15416.10. BR Salvador – Concha Acústica de Lauro de Freitas18.10. CL Santiago – Teatro Cariola19.10. CO Bogotá – Ace of spades-club21.10. MX México City – Circo Volador22.10. MX Chihuahua – House of Shows23.10. MX Monterrey – Café Iguana»Game Over« – Europe Tour 2022w/ EXISTANCE02.11. PL Goleniów – Rampa03.11. PL Warsaw – Progresja04.11. LT Vilnius – Vakaris05.11. LV Riga – Melnā Piektdiena06.11. EE Tallinn – Helitehas09.11. SK Zvolen – DK ŽSR10.11. CZ Plzen – KD Šeříkovka11.11. CZ Zlín – Masters of Rock Café12.11. CZ Ostrava – Garage Club13.11. SK Bratislava – Majestic Music Club15.11. HU Budapest – Barba Negra16.11. RO Cluj-Napoca – Form Space17.11. RO Bucharest – Quantic Club18.11. BG Sofia – Hristo Botev Hall19.11. AL Tirana – Parku Olimpik22.11. ES Barcelona – Salamandra23.11. ES Madrid – Sala But24.11. ES Galicia – Sala Capitol (Santiago de Compostela)26.11. ES Burgos – Sala Andén 5627.11. ES Pamplona – Sala Totem29.11. FR Paris – Petit Bain30.11. FR Strasbourg – Artefact La Laiterie

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