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FLOYD ROSE announces new Axlabs Tone Claw locking spring claw system


Wall TownshipNJ (February 2, 2021) Floyd Rose parent company AP International launches their AxLabs hardware line with the new Tone Claw locking spring claw system. The Tone Claw is a robust spring claw engineered with a locking clamp plate to lock the springs down at the hoop ends.  CNC-machined from solid brass and at 4x the mass of a traditional claw, the Tone Claw is designed to enhance tone and increase sustain while also aiding tuning stability by preventing the springs from shifting during tremolo dives.

As the last distribution point of vibrational energy on a synchronized tremolo, the Tone Claw replaces the traditional stamped tin claw found in many guitars.  Installation is a direct swap for most existing spring claws such as those from Fender®, Floyd Rose®, PRS®, Ibanez, and many others.  The kit includes all hardware necessary for installation: four quality steel springs and two claw mounting screws. An adjustable ground soldering tab is also integrated which can be switched between two available mounting holes depending on required orientation. 

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