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FAITH NO MORE cancels European festivals, U.K., Australia and New Zealand dates


FAITH NO MORE has canceled all of its previously announced shows for 2022, including tours of Australia, New Zealand and the U.K., as well as a number of European festival appearances. Earlier this year, all Faith No More and Mr Bungle shows were cancelled due to mental heath issues of lead singer Mike Patton.

The band announced the cancelations in a statement posted on social media. The group wrote: “Unfortunately due to our current challenges, we aren’t going to be ready to perform for the upcoming Australian, New Zealand and UK/European tours.

“To play at anything less than 100% after so long is not an option for us.

“We apologize to all of you ticket holders, and are forever grateful to our fans for your support and understanding.

Back in April 2020, Patton told Rolling Stone about his life in quarantine: “Although I am lucky enough to hopefully survive this, I have had an entire year of tours canceled, between different bands, and that certainly does weigh on me, the bands I’m working with, and obviously the fans who may or may not have purchased tickets! So … basically, it sucks. But personally, this lockdown lifestyle is not terribly different from my normal routine, as I’m quite hermetic and private. But sometimes it does resonate deeper — like, when you want to hit a restaurant with family or friends. No. What do we do? We adapt or die.

FAITH NO MORE initially reunited for touring purposes in 2009, 12 years after issuing its previous studio set, “Album Of The Year”, and followed that up with 2015’s “Sol Invictus”.

In May, FAITH NO MORE moved its scheduled summer 2021 European back to the summer of 2022.

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