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EYE OF MELIAN release debut album ‘Legends of Light’

Movie score project features Martijn Westerholt (Delain, ex Within Temptation) and Nightwish Tuomas' wife Johanna Kurkela


After the release of their singles and a successful crowdfunding campaign, international folk band Eye of Melian (featuring Delain’s Martijn Westerholt, alongside Johanna Kurkela) release their debut album – ‘Legends of Light’ on June 21, 2022.

Eye of Melian was created by Dutch songwriter and producer Martijn Westerholt known for Delain and Within Temptation.

Successful Finnish vocalist Johanna Kurkela is known for her work in Auri Altamullan Road, and Tuomas Holopainen’s album ‘Music inspired by the life and times of Scroodge’ and much more.

American lyricist Robin La Joy specialized in fantasy lyrics and poetry, complements the group with her lyrics on Eye of Melian.
Also contributing to the project is Finnish orchestral arranger and producer Mikko P. Mustonen who has worked on many successful releases in various genres.

“This is a milestone in our career and we aim for this to be the beginning of a very long and exciting journey with many more albums to come”.“The response and support of this album has been beyond our expectations and we are incredibly grateful”.

“The creation of Legends of Light has been a long but extremely rewarding process.  All four of us are so passionate about what we are doing with Eye of Melian and we’re thrilled to finally be able to share the album with the world”.

“Our debut album Legends of Light will be released on the Summer Solstice (June 21st) – the day when light lingers longest in the sky. As this album found its form, we saw it unintentionally focusing on the many enchanting forms of light – both literal and symbolic – the crystalline light of the moon and stars, the rising sun answering the call of dawn, a guiding light of hope across the stormy seas, and even the regret of light lost.  With the sun’s light at its greatest height on June 21st, what better time to release our very own Legends of Light?”

Various Descriptions of the Music:
Come wander a star-less void, find solace in a silent snow-covered forest, and sail past the edge of the map.  This is Eye of Melian. Highly influenced by fantasy movie-score music and Tolkien-type lyrical themes, it can be described as ethereal and symphonic – unfolding epic and elegant storyscapes in the listener’s mind.
Sweeping the world with their epic and ethereal sound, Eye of Melian has been described as lush symphonic movie score-like music – unfolding epic and elegant storyscapes in the mind. Their fantasy-inspired music and lyrical themes readily whisk the listener away to otherworldly realms.


Eye of Melian’s ethereal and symphonic music has been described as movie score-like – unfolding epic and elegant storyscapes in the listener’s mind.Eye of Melian is:
Martijn Westerholt: songwriter, producer, keys, backing vocals
Johanna Kurkela: vocals, lyrics
Robin La Joy: lyrics, backing vocals
Mikko P. Mustonen: orchestrations, co-producer

With guest performances by:
Troy Donockley: pipes and whistles
Leah: vocals
Shir-Ran Yinon: violins and violas

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