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Year of the Cobra – Onhou – Shunyata

As the Autumn whispers: “Wherever they go, they never seem lost, and thus it is all the more a joy to follow Black Earth along this brief journey. ” Next stop: ethereal horrors of doom.

Formed in 2015, Year of the Cobra became a rapidly ascending, radiant star in the horizon of the doom/stoner-scene for a reason: This powerhouse duo, consisting of Amy Tung Barrysmith (vocals/ bass) and Jon Barrysmith (drums), use their limitation in instrumentation to their advantage. Leaving space for every instrument to breathe and to shine, they create a vast, larger than life sound aesthetic. Their songs drift relentlessly from classic epic doom laments into oppressive heavy riff architecture; from catchy, almost upbeat rock moments into transfiguring psychedelia.
In 2016, just a year and one EP into their career, Year of the Cobra released their full-length debut, …in the Shadows Below. Using the natural, three-dimensional and massively heavy production of Billy Anderson (Neurosis, Sleep) they present themselves as an unbelievably mature and confident band who knows exactly what they want. Following their sophomore EP Burn Your Dead, they had successful tours of Europe and the US, playing a number of well-known festivals along the way, including Psycho Las Vegas, Freak Valley Festival, and Stoned Meadow of Doom. They are currently working on new material for their 2019 follow-up full length with legendary engineer/producer Jack Endino (Nirvana, Tad, Soundgarden). The band will also hit the road hard in 2019, touring with High on Fire, supporting their Electric Messiah U.S. Tour.

Onhou is a Dutch sludge/doom metal band formed in Groningen, 2016. After a well received EP released by Tartarus records in early 2018 Onhou returned to the studio to record their first full-length. Transitioned into a four piece the band managed to create a bigger sound, exploring darker territories. With two vocalists, electronic elements and heavy, down tuned guitars Onhou enshrines a form of riff worship. The band consists of members and ex members from: Ortega, Wolvon and Grinding Halt. Expect to hear some new material from their upcoming full-length!

Shunyata has grown into a platform for musical experimentation of high quality, with a unique sound and style. ‘Typical’ themes found in metal are avoided in favour of depth and substance. This is done by using visuals as well as voice-overs of long-dead intellectual greats, filling the void left by the lack of vocals. Shunyata offers a new experience to fans of metal, yet will also find appeal with non-metalheads.


Oct 06 2019



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