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The Gates of Slumber – Nornes – Loose License

Although one wouldn’t necessarily assume that Indiana would be the birthplace of a well-tuned doom metal outfit, perhaps it’s important to take into consideration Indiana’s disconnect from the rest of the pop market, and maybe the picture gets a little clearer. Hailing from the state’s capital, the Gates of Slumber started making the slow, sludgy, methodical style of metal their bread and butter around 1998. Led by guitarist and vocalist Karl Simon, the Gates of Slumber — the membership …
» NORNES (Doom)

Fate, what else could have brought together four french musicians damaged by the complaints of Doom-metal?

The NORNES are at work, melting the fibers of Cathedral, Warning or Pallbearer to make fuzzy yet strong yarns, weaving in secret the canvas of a past, a present and a common future.

In their first drawing, “Vanity ” they set the fall, the anger, the questioning, as well as the emptiness of existence.

– – NORNES – “Vanity” EP 2018 – –

» LOOSE LICENSE (Doom Metal)


Mar 04 2020



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Brussel, België
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