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Strife – Risk It – Slope – 1 Step At A Time – O.U.T.S.I.D.E. – Pebble

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SATURDAY 05/10/2019 @ Cinema, Aalst

Strife (us – hardcore)
Since the release of their first LP “One Truth”, back in 1994, this Los Angeles Hardcore band became a classic household name by both their music, a kind of speed-metal style of hardcore and their Straight Edge & positive message. The “In This Defiance” album from 1997, with guest appearances by Chino Moreno of Deftones, Dino Cazares of Fear Factory and Igor Cavalera of Sepultura was and is still considered a milestone for hardcore and still stands its ground today, both sound- and songwise. After a short break Strife reformed, and ocasionally recorded albums and played shows, while bandmembers took a more moderate stand on Straight Edge. Shows on Groezrock, Ieperfest, Persistance Tour have proven that, unlike so many other bands, age didn’t effect their energy and hunger for furious live shows. Glad to finally see them back in Belgium as clubshow headliner!

Risk It (ger – hardcore)
Similar to bands like for example Terror & No Turning back, Risk It is a hardcore band with a big H. Since they were founded in 2009, this 5 piece powerhouse plays pure and powerful Hardcore with rage and attitude No compromises, no fancy rockstar bullshit, just plain old sincere and energetic music. Relentless touring made these East Germans one of the most relevant, most known and most popular european hardcore bands around these days.

Slope (ger – hardcore)
Check out that “Slope”-groove! Unlike most beginning hardcore bands, Slope didn’t stick to copying their heroes, but has been exploring their limits since 2014. The result is a hardcore, metal, punk, even jazz influenced funky, groovy sound, making them one of the most exiting European hardcore bands at the moment. With their latest EP “Loosing Grip” and a never ending show list, the band leaves quite a buzz anywhere to play. Some even call them Europe’s answer to Turnstile. Better get all exited and practice your silly pitmoves!

O U T S I D E (be – hardcore)
Somewhere in 1996 a bunch of friends from Hamme decided to start something new, next to their other band projects. With each of them having their own musical influence, O.U.T.S.I.D.E. grew out to be a ‘no-boundary-band’. 5 guys, 5 different styles gives us a mixture of all sorts of music. From there on, things escalated quite quickly, with shows at Dour Festival, a record on I Scream Records and shows with D.R.I., Maball, Hard Resistance, Backfire… 2002 saw the end of the band, while in 2005 an EP with some old songs was released. It wasn’t until 2019 that the anniversary/commemoration of Gert, singer of Frontkick and a good friend of the band, who died in 1999, gave them the opportunity to come back together and play their first gig after many years. With different lives, different times, they now do things at their own pace, maybe a show here and there, maybe not, but definitely this Strife show!

1STEP AT A TIME (be – hardcore/punk)
As old school hardcore lovers, we have been a fan of this Antwerp based band since the release of their Demo 7”. Their 2017 full album “Our Search” confirmed their status as a solid old school straight forward hardcore/punk band. While One Step At A Time’s lyrics address personal issues, social critisism, self doubt,… they never lose that positive state of mind out of sight. 2019 promises new recordings, so we might get a sneak peak at the Strife show!

Pebble (be – hardcore)
It seems Lokeren is starting to build itself quite a name in delivering young qualitative hardcore bands. While Mindwar is raging over Europe, this befriended fourpiece is working hard, released a well received demo and is playing as much shows as the can. Soundwise they tend to stick slighty more to the old school side than their fellow local brothers, yet never losing sight of the importance of a good groove. Can we consider Lokeren as local? I think we can. Young band, local band, don’t miss it.

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Oct 05 2019



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Aalst, Oost-Vlaanderen, België
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