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Dear Roadburners,

We promised we would bring you more information as soon as we had it – and now we do! Guidelines have been agreed by the Dutch government that span the entirety of the events and entertainment industry in the Netherlands, detailing a way forward for all cultural and sporting events – of which Roadburn is of course a part. This scheme is known as the Ticket Value Scheme. These guidelines are set out to be fair to consumers and ticket buyers but also to protect the venues, events, and promoters and to ensure longevity for the entertainment sector in the Netherlands.

So, everybody who currently has a ticket to Roadburn 2020, these will be your options:

1. SAVE YOUR TICKET! As mentioned before – Roadburn is rescheduled to 15-18 April 2021. If you want to show your support to Roadburn this is by far the best option!

2. Claim a voucher. This option will be made available via Ticketmaster – we’re told within the next two weeks. Claiming a voucher means that you have a credit in your Ticketmaster.nl account for use at the 013 venue only. These vouchers will be valid for up to 24 months – meaning that if you know you cannot attend in 2021 but you are a regular Roadburner otherwise, you can use this credit to purchase your ticket for 2022 once those tickets go on sale. If for some reason you do not use the voucher within the 24 month period, or if you decide you cannot use your voucher after all, your voucher automatically converts to a refund. Claiming a voucher also benefits us greatly and if you opt to do this, we thank you for your support. As soon as the option is available on the Ticketmaster website, or more information is available we’ll let you know.

3. Donate your ticket(s). This option will be made available via Ticketmaster at the same time you’re able to claim a voucher. This will automatically be an option available via Ticketmaster so we are informing you of it, but we don’t have any expectation that this will be feasible for many of you. If you do opt for this then your generosity would be extremely welcome.

4. Claim a refund. This option will be made available via Ticketmaster at the same time you’re able to claim a voucher. We know that some people are suffering financially from the current global situation and you’re looking for a refund. The rules of the scheme state your refund will be actioned within a month after the new Roadburn date. Since Roadburn will be on 15-18 April 2021, you will get a refund before May 15 2021.

Please note: When the options to request a voucher, a donation or a refund are available, we’ll let you know. Under the rules of the ticket value scheme announced today, you are entitled to make your request for a voucher, a donation or a refund within four weeks after receiving notice. If you don’t take action within those four weeks, you automatically save your ticket.

Please bear in mind that these measures have been put together under unprecedented conditions for the live music industry. This is a national initiative designed to preserve the future of live music – and more specifically for us, to help ensure that Roadburn can continue. As soon as we have more details of when the voucher and refund options are available to you, we will notify you via our socials and via email.

More information on the scheme can be found here: www.saveyourticket.nl
For questions or more information please contact: info AT 013.nl
Until then – take good care of yourselves.

– Walter, Becky, Peter van der Aalst (Interim CEO of 013 venue) & the whole Roadburn team

De complete line-up voor Roadburn Festival 2020 zou zijn geweest:
Emma Ruth Rundle‘s – The Gilded Cage curated program:
40 Watt Sun [‘The Inside Room’ integraal] // Alcest [Visions Du Futur] // Cloud Rat [twee sets] // David Eugene Edwards // Dylan Carlson // Earth [30th anniversary] // False // Facs // Fvnerals // Helms Alee // HIDE // Inter Arma [‘Sulphur English’ integraal] // Miserable // Mizmor [‘Cairn’ integraal] // NGHTCRWLR // Patrick Walker // Red Sparowes [eerste show in 10 jaar] // SRSQ // Sylvaine // Torche
James Kent‘s curated program:
Alcest [Visions Du Futur]  // Blanck Mass // Boy Harsher // Hangman’s Chair [‘Banlieue Triste’ integraal] // Hangman’s Chair x Regarde Les Hommes Tomber // HEALTH // James Kent (Perturbator) & Johannes Persson (Cult Of Luna) [commissieopdracht] // Okkultokrati // Oranssi Pazuzu [album release show] // Plebeian Grandstand // Regarde Les Hommes Tomber [nieuw album integraal] // She Past Away [‘Disko Anksiyete’ integraal] // True Body // Ultha [‘Belong’ integraal]
The Flenser 10 year anniversary showcase:
Drowse // Elizabeth Colour Wheel // Giles Corey [eerste show met band] // Mamaleek // Midwife
Acid Rooster // Alber Jupiter // Alexis Marshall // Algiers // BADA [nieuw project Anna Von Hausswolff] // Bad Breeding // Big Brave & Jessica Moss // Body Void // Brutus // Crypt Sermon [‘The Ruins of Fading Light’ integraal] // Cult Leader [‘The Patient Man’ integraal] // Curse These Metal Hands [Pijn & Conjurer] // Darkher // Darsombra // Die Wilde Jagd // The Dead Cvlt // Dead Neanderthals [10-jarig jubileum, 4 sets] // The Devil’s Trade // Doodswens // Dool [album release show] // Dommengang // Dungen [2 sets: ‘Ta Det Lugnt’ + ‘Häxan’ integraal] // Dynfari [twee sets: ‘The Four Doors Of The Mind’ integraal + ‘Myrkurs Er þörf’ integraal] // Early Graves [twee sets, waaronder ‘Goner’ integraal] // Eye Flys // Föllakzoid & Atom TM // Forndom // Full Of Hell [artist in residence] // Hante. // Hilary Woods // Jeromes Dream // Jonah Parzen-Johnson // Kodian Trio // Kungens Män // Lana Del Rabies // Lankum // LSD And The Search For God // Jessica Moss // Jo Quail [commissieopdracht] // Julie Christmas [exclusieve show] // Lingua Ignota [artist in residence] // Many Blessings // Motor!k // Of Blood And Mercury // PH // Portrayal Of Guilt // Primitive Man [2 sets, waaronder ‘Caustic’ integraal] // Red Kite // Richard Dawson // Rorcal [‘Muladona’ integraal] // Russian Circles // Sólveig Matthildur // Splinter // Sum Of R // The Sweet Release Of Death // Torpor [‘Rhetoric Of The Image’ integraal] // Ulveblood // Vile Creature & Bismuth [commissieopdracht] // Warhorse [eerste EU show ooit] // Vonnis // White Ward


Apr 16 2020 - Apr 19 2020



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