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Novelists FR (FR)
French outfit NOVELISTS FR have suffered from a lengthy stint of being criminally underrated, but hopefully 2020 is the year that things will begin to change. Set to return with their third full length C’est La Vie, their consistency is difficult to ignore, especially when the end result is so achingly enjoyable. The Parisians have long since blended their progressive metalcore sound with a vivacious bounce, leaning towards an air of melodocism as opposed to being tempted by the crushing heaviness we hear from a lot of bands.

In 2018, the band signed a contract with Arising Empire for their second studio album. This record has a more mature approach with the band delivering a richer result, with more definition and taking influences from hardcore and 90s punk-rock.

Suasion (BE)
Following the release of its 2017 EP, with singles such as « Mirabilia » and « Heritage », a European tour and several appearances at festivals, the Belgian 4-piece recorded a first album and is ready to share it with the world. The new record « Stardust » , redefines the group’s style entirely by affirming its willingness to change and freshen up, while keeping an explosive style, an emotional touch and well thought esthetics. You can easily convince yourself by watching the music videos produced by the band and shot by Pavel Trebukhin (TRE).
In the end, Suasion 2.0 is redesigning itself with a clear influence to bands like Linkin Park, Muse or Starset, while keeping a « metal » sound and adding cinematic elements.


May 14 2020



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Kavka Oudaan
Antwerpen, België
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