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Moonstruck – Dislocated Theory

Moonstruck stands for tight vital rock, and is not afraid to connect chaos with order. Chaos stands for dynamics and playing technique. Catchy melodies and a familiar rock sound bring things back to order.

During their live shows Moonstruck tries to transfer the fun and the energy they put it their performances over to their audiences. While their singer is running around on stage and the guitarists are duelling their twin solos, the drummer and bass player still manage to put down a solid rhythm section.

Moonstruck was founded in 2015 with the intention to combine a heavy rock sound with influences from the progressive rock scene. Rocking metal with a touch of Iron Maiden and a tad of Queensrÿche. Some compare their sound with Canadian progrock band Rush.

Their debut mini CD ‘Impact’ was released in 2016. It contains 4 songs which were and still are regularly played at various internet radio stations. “They have, without doubt, honed their craft prior to forming this band” praise Decibel Geek in their album review.

Now, after 2 years, their first full-length CD ‘Web of Deception’ is about to be released. It contains 9 highly varied yet coherent song which fully demonstrate their great songwriting skills. Uptempo, slowtempo, subdued and exuberant. Technically complicated, yet simple and simplicity. Long and short – something for everybody!

Moonstruck can’t wait to take you to their ‘Web of Deception’!


Sep 14 2019



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Geleen, Limburg
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