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AFGELAST – Monomyth – Ventilateur – Vaathv

» MONOMYTH  (Psychedelic / Kraut / Drone)
MONOMYTH, unleashed from The Netherlands, is the journey . . . the five who explore and expand the boundaries of their own musical universe. Firmly rooted in Space, Trance and Krautrock, the band leans heavily on a solid foundation of drums and bass guitar, while adding guitar, keyboards and textures layer upon layer. MONOMYTH will drag you inside their cosmic playground. Enter an arena where there is no more time or space, simply the vacuum in which communication is operated on a higher level. You can enter in two ways . . . simply by closing your eyes and letting the instrumental music transport you, or with eyes wide open as you descend into the mind staggering light show.
» VENTILATEUR  (Instrumental / Jazz / Rock)
» VAATHV  (Drone Ambient)

// Meditative Drone //

VaathV is a solo project of Meditative Drone. The artist explores the universe of ambient music through sounds from ancestral temples. Candles, incense, Tibetan bowl will be part of the show to make you travel in his universe.


May 15 2020



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Magasin 4
Brussel, België
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