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Last of Us – The Vectors


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As it often goes, the end of a previous band, marked the beginning of another one. First as a threepiece but with the edition of a 4th member the pieces fell together and their world of darkness was complete. Because that’s exactly what Last of Us sounds like, a complex, yet melodic world of apocalyptical darkness. That complexity shows in the fact that, due to the bandmembers diverse influences, it’s very hard to pinpoint an exact genre. But maybe that’s the strength of this band. They sound somewhat familiar, but never too common. Their full album Swarn got them some great reviews and new stage opportunities. Probably one of the best local bands around, so it’s about time we offer them a spot on our stage.



Since 2016 The Vectors are spreading their alternative rock in the Brussels area and beyond. Catchy riffs & 70’s influenced vocals make dynamic mid tempo easy listening songs that stick in your ears and leave you wanting more. To experience the rock ’n roll power of The Vecots, just listen to their “On The Rebound” record or better, check our their live show on our stage.


Jan 23 2020



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Geniepegen Drauk
Aalst, Oost-Vlaanderen, België
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