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Headbanger Tour 3: Primal Creation – Desdemonia – Ianwill – Blow Up

Primal Creation
(Thrash Metal)
Primal Creation shreds its way up through the metal scene by putting various progressive, melodic and speed-heavy influences in a modern thrash blender

(Groovy Death ‘n Thrash)
Take old school death metal, add a healthy dose of rocking groove, a pinch of thrash and round it up with a lot of melody… and you’ll get the essence of Desdemonia.

(Female Fronted Metalcore)
Ianwill evolves in a melodic universe with metalcore and death trend, in a metal esthetic, powerful and incisive.
The band’s debut album is actually in mixing and will be released end of 2019.

Blow up
(Melodic Death Metal)
Blow up is a Melodic Death Metal band created in 2000 by Lyx (vocals) and Auré (guitar). The small formation , initially named “Slave of Orations”, brought rhythmic guitar riffs accompanied by a clear voice.
The band eventually changed their name “Slaves Of Oration” to something more related to the music: ​​Blow Up..


Nov 23 2019



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Sint-Amandsberg (Gent), Oost-Vlaanderen, België
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