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Diabolical Echoes pt.3: Ibex Angel Order – Asgrauw – Antzaat – Doodswens

-Ibex Angel Order

From the ashes of Funeral Goat arises the Ibex Angel Order, a vessel for the expression of practices and magical workings by means of Occult Black Metal. In IBEX ANGEL ORDER praise is given to the driving forces behind this music, the illumination of Lucifer and the all encompassing duality of Abrasax. The union of HRRDS and LDS was forged 21 years ago and IBEX ANGEL ORDER is the ultimate culmination of this union. 2014 saw the first recording of two hymns to Abrasax, one of which has been released digitally on Bandcamp (Origin of Spheres) and the other which was planned to be featured on a Daemon Worship Prod. compilation in 2015. Soon after this recording a full length (I) has been forged, recorded and set for release in
2015 and 2016. Ibex Angel Order’s music was spread under the black wings of Daemon Worship Productions, a most
honourable label that had faith in and has supported the musical creations of HRRDS and LDS for years. Since Daemon Worship has gone defunct, Norway’s Terratur Possessions, choose to take over 6 bands for the “Ekstrophë” compilation (2018) which has become an outstanding release with amazing artwork (Cold Poison)
and mastering by TT of Abigor.

IAO is Isis, Apep, and Osiris.
IAO is life, death and rebirth.
IAO is the word of summoning.
IAO is trinity.
IAO is the Ibex Angel Order.
IAO is The lantern of illumination that shines with darkness and death.


The Dutch black metal band Asgrauw is active since 2010. While their first album ‘Schijngestalten’ showed straight-forward old skool influences, the following material showed a more atmospheric and melancholic vibe. They are affected by the great 90’s Scandinavian hordes like Ulver, Emperor, Dodheimsgard and Darkthrone, what you observe on their 2th album ‘Krater’. Asgrauw relies on a dark and bleak atmosphere with piercing guitars and haunting synths, that are strengthened with powerful and energetic punky riffs and heavy drums. Asgrauw has two vocalists, which gives a lot of variety in vocal styles. Their thirth album ‘Gronspech’, which is performed in local dialect, was well received by the press. Publicity, however, does not interest the band. The men follow their own introvert path and are averse to trends and opinions.

-Antzaat (BE)

Antzaat was founded in 2015 by Ronarg, Isaroth and Eenzaat.
In 2017, Nihil joined the band.

The Antzaat sound can be best described as old-school Scandinavian black metal, similar to bands like Sargeist and Behexen.
On the 25th of September 2017, Antzaat released their first EP “The Black Hand of the Father” with Immortal Frost Productions.

One year later Antzaat embarked on a European tour with Azaghal, Myrkvid and Sekhmet


Doodswens is a two-man black metal band from Eindhoven (NL), founded in autumn 2017 by Fraukje van Burg (vocals and guitar) and Inge van der Zon (drums). Without the intention of ever becoming a real band, they started putting their feelings into their music together and suddenly: Doodswens was born. Inspired by the rawness of the ’90s, Doodswens blends oldschool black metal with an atmospheric wall of sound. With full intention and passion they bring their music alive on stage, which they have shared with bands like Carach Angren, Laster, Oraculum, Draugur and Countess. Their first demo was released by Headbangers Records in 2019.

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Oct 12 2019



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Groesbeek, Gelderland
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