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Carry The Weight – Royal Jake – As We Speak

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Carry the Weight (FIN)

A Gringo, Panamanian and two Finns walk into a bar…..and form a band.
​​Carry The Weight is a 4 piece melodic hardcore band based out of Helsinki, Finland. With members coming from Panama, the USA and various cities in Finland, the band’s sound is as diverse as their line up. Combining heavy riffs of hardcore with melancholy melodies and emotional screamed vocals.
​​The band was formed in Spring of 2017 and shortly after released their first stand alone single Sick Heart // Sick Head. In early 2018 the band began the recording process for their debut EP Low Points, The record was self produced then mixed and mastered by Nick Nativo (No Zodiac, Oceano). In Support of the Low Points release the band headed out for a two week DIY tour hitting several countries around Europe. To date Carry The Weight has performed over 35 shows, including some small summer festivals and toured in seven countries. They have no plans of slowing down anytime soon with a new release set for late 2019.


RJ is a 4-piece metal/HxC/metalcore band influenced by many old and new bands found in metal, metalcore, hardcore and all its sub-genres.
At their reincarnation at the end of 2010 RJ still sounded grunge/groove metal. As can be heard on the ‘Triple Crown Demo’ which was released in 2012.
Evolved towards a metal/HxC/metalcore band, they released a new EP called ‘tenacity’ on ‘Headshot Records’ (Antwerp) halfway 2015.
Getting more support within the Belgian scene, 2016 brings a new release for the band. No compromise were made this time, so the band recorded 5 brand new songs. The new EP ‘Retaliate – the Answer’, is a statement towards the music business nowadays where bands are financially sucked-dry.
2K19 will bring a new chapter to the RJ story when the line-up is extended with a second guitar player . Expect even more metal and more hardcore brutality!
Through the years they have played many shows al over Belgium and Holland and shared the stage with such bands as Descomunal (EQ), Ciconia (SP), As Prayers Fail (NL), BEAR, Copia (Aus), Empty Handed (D), Cedron (SE), Reach The Shore, Knives To A Gunfight, Hexa Mera, Whatever it Takes, Colors Dead Bleed (BE/NL), Pushed To Far, Reject The Sickness, Carrion, Signs Of Algorithm, Stranger Dimentions, As We Speak, Strains, and many many more…


As We Speak (BE)

Michael Cornelissen: Vocals, Niels Eggenhuizen: Guitar, Glenn Wouters: Guitar, Gyan Klomp: Bass, Nils Jensen: Drums


Nov 18 2019



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Antwerp Music City
Antwerpen, België
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