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A Deadly Plan: Nattas – Misanthropia

NATTAS is a black/thrash-band from Stockholm, Sweden and has been around since decades. NATTAS has released two albums so far as well as appeared on a good amount of compilations.
Once labelled “the most underrated band in the world” we are now about to finish the recordings of some new material.
The band regrouped some time ago and now consists of members from such fine acts as King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Demonical and bibleblack.

The band:
Mouth – vocals
Engine – bass guitar
Wead, the adaptive satanist – guitars
The Steel – drums


Founded in 2005, MISANTHROPIA is a symphonic black/death metal band from the Nijmegen area in the Netherlands.

The band introduced themselves to the metal scene through the 2006 release of their debut album “RISE OF NECROPOLIS”. They performed at many shows and festivals before recording their 2010 album “SLANG DES DOODS”. This was the band’s first collaboration with Mike Wead (King Diamond) who mixed and mastered the album. This fruitful collaboration resulted in a superbly sounding album; thus, many gigs and festivals were imminent.

After some line-up changes, MISANTHROPIA was ready to start recording a brand-new album in 2015. Because he did such a wonderful job in 2010, Mike Wead was asked to mix and master this album, too. The songs were recorded, mixed and mastered by Mike Wead and Simon Johansson in the Solnasound Studio, Stockholm. As expected, the results are astonishing! Also because of the keyboard-arrangements that are written and performed by Thijs Mulders. This concept album “OMERTÀ”, is describing historical organized mafia crime, which is a different theme than most bands in the genre use. The album’s artwork is done by Darkgrove Design and of course it is within the same concept. The grim mafia atmosphere will also be reflected on stage.

Via Nocturna is promoting and distributing the album “OMERTÀ”, released May 2016 and available through streaming and at webshops. Because of the success of the album, Misanthropia did many national- and international shows for example in Czech Republic, Austria and Iceland.

Misanthropia is ready to record a new album and again they made the decision to make a concept album. During the process of writing new material, they will continue their live shows.

Bram Koller – Vocals, Guitars
Dennis Schoenmaker – Guitars
Pepijn Heilbron – Bass
Hugo de Waal – Drums


Feb 16 2020



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