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Progressive metal band EVEN FLOW release single “Revelation Day”

New 'Mediterraneano' EP will be released on October 3rd 2022


Sardinian progressive metal band Even Flow release their new single “Revelation Day”. The song is taken form their new ‘Mediterraneano’ EP, that will be released on October 3rd 2022, on Mjriam Inc.

Watch “Revelation Day” below.

The EP’s artwork is done by Mythrid Art. It was recorded by Emanuele Di Ascenzo at Deanathor’s Studio in Rome and Brian Maillard at the Solid Vision Studio in Cagliari. the keyboards are done by Alessandro Bertoni at Keystone Studio, Los Angeles. It was mixed and mastered by Michele Guaitoli at the Groove Factory in Udine and produced by Pietro Paolo Lunesu & Giorgio Lunesu

All music & lyrics by Pietro Paolo Lunesu

Even Flow are:
Giorgio Lunesu — Drums
Marco Pastorino — Vocals
Pietro Paolo Lunesu — Guitars
Luca Negro — Bass

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