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ENFORCED released "HEMORRHAGE" as first track off "KILL GRID"

(photo by Morgan Parrish)


Virginia-based crossover band ENFORCED recently announced their Century Media debut album, “Kill Grid”. As an appetizer, the band now released a visualizer for “Hemorrhage” .

Watch “Hemorrhage” below.

The video is paying extra detail to the striking artwork by Joe Petagno (Motörhead, Vitriol and many more). 

The band comments on the track:
“The first half is about the death of innocence, or the death of an innocent person, due to the surge of distrust, outrage, and skepticism of a society”, says Knox Colby (vocals). “While people arrogantly and pompously saber rattle over trivial things, real people are getting hurt and caught in the crossfire.” Guitarist Will Wagstaff further explains: “Musically we wanted to write a song that was driving and pummeling and the original vibe to the beginning was ‘Death Camps’ Cro-Mags inspired. This was one of the first songs written and completed for the album.”

Preorders will be launched in early 2021.

Enforced Line-Up:
Ethan Gensurowsky – bass
Zach Monahan – guitar 
Knox Colby – vocals 
Alex Bishop – drums 
Will Wagstaff – guitar

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