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EMPEROR guitarist's ex-wife among five people killed in Norway bow-and-arrow attack


Andréa Meyer, the German recording artist, writer, actress and model who released several albums under the Nebelhexë moniker, is one of five people who were killed in a bow-and-arrow attack in a quiet Norwegian town earlier this week. She was 52 years old.

Espen Andersen Braathen, a 37-year-old Danish citizen, was arrested Wednesday night (October 13), after he began his deadly rampage targeting random people at a supermarket and other locations in Kongsberg, where he lived.

Brathen, a Muslim convert, has been detained in a medical facility pending psychiatric evaluation.

Police inspector Per Thomas Omholt described Brathen as “‘not very social” and told the media that “all the indications are that he chose his victims at random” and acted alone.

Although Brathen allegedly posted a video to social media in 2017 in which he issued a “warning” and declared his Muslim faith, Omholt told reporters that “the thinking is that he did not take [the conversion] very seriously. By this we mean that he did not follow or practice the traditions that are common in this culture and religion,” the inspector said.

Last year, a court reportedly granted a restraining order for Braathen to stay away from his parents for six months after he threatened to kill one of them. He is also said to have a conviction for burglary and drug possession.

Meyer, who also lived in Kongsberg, was previously married to EMPEROR guitarist Tomas “Samoth” Haugen, with whom she shared a daughter, Alva.

Under the Nebelhexë banner, Andréa released three albums: “Laguz – Within The Lake”“Essensual” and “Dead Waters”. She was also a writer of thought-provoking articles about the darker aspects of human nature, animalistic instincts and other esoteric/taboo subjects which became quite popular in the alternative and metal music scenes. In addition, she wrote a book about the understanding of northern myths, traditions and goddess worship. She had a column in a Norwegian gothic magazine called “Seriously – The Things That Irritate Nebelhexë”.

Originally looking at a model career in London, Andréa soon quit that “shallow scene” in search of dares, pure life and the human spirit. Always shocked by human ignorance and apathy, and always spiritual, mystical and with a deep connection to animals, she found her kindred spirits in diverse magical and esoteric circles and soon after enchanted and impressed the elite of the “left hand path”. Exploring her fascination for the “dark and animalistic” a wee bit further, she got involved with Anton La Vey‘s church, became a fetish model and a known act with notorious artistic performances (such as CRADLE OF FILTH shows).

Andréa started to express herself through music, and under the name of Nebelhexë, she initially made an impact with the obscure, ghostly dark ambient music project AGHAST, which was released in 1994. Then she took a big detour and explored pagan folk music elements with HAGALAZ’ RUNEDANCE before she “came back to herself again.” Andréa also made guest appearances on CRADLE OF FILTH‘s “The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh” and SATYRICON‘s “Nemesis Divina” albums.

Former MORBID ANGEL frontman David Vincent was among the fellow musicians who paid tribute to Meyer in the wake of her passing. He wrote on social media: “Sad to learn that my friend was amongst those senselessly murdered in Norway terror attack. She was a beautiful, creative artist and she will be missed dearly. Goodbye for now Andrea“.

CRADLE OF FILTH wrote: “R.I.P. Andrea Meyer.

Andrea guested on our debut album ‘The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh’ and also modelled and danced for us onstage as well as presiding over ritual back in our formative years.

“She will be sadly missed and our deep felt love and sympathies go out to her kith and kin.”

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