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DAVID ELLEFSON says it's “fucking pathetic” that MUSTAINE is “still bitching” about his dismissal from METALLICA 40 years later


In a new interview with Brazil’s Heavy Talk, former MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson was asked if he spoke to the band’s leader Dave Mustaine “about a solution” before he was fired from the group in May 2021, just days after sexually tinged messages and explicit video footage involving the bassist were posted on Twitter. He responded: “I got one call: ‘You’re fired.’ (Laughs) And I said, ‘What the fuck, man?’ I said, ‘Some shitty fucking people just dropped a bomb on my house. And that’s it? It’s not even true. It’s fucking bullshit. And this is how you treat me?’ It was non-negotiable. I mean, I asked. I said, ‘I’m gonna take care of it. Let me just deal with it. And it will fucking be done. We’ll be ready to go on the road in two months, and everything will be fine.’ And it was. Because it was just false allegations and bullshit. But Dave didn’t wanna know about it. I think he was getting pressure from some other people around him. And it’s too bad it went that way. Because it was really nothing. I took care of it. And then once the word came out that I was fired, then it turned into this big fucking thing, which, quite honestly, was very damaging and very hurtful and not fair. I’m glad I don’t have that fucking amends on my shoulder, because that was fucked up.

“Look, I have no choice but to have to forgive it so I can move on. I really don’t,” he continued. “So I don’t know what more to say about it other than that. Look, at some point… The damage was done. So you move on. We’re all human, and it is what it is. You can’t lament it. I’ve watched how he’s treated his dismissal from METALLICA, still bitching about it 40 years later, and I think it looks fucking pathetic. And it’s, like, ‘You know what? Fix your shit and move on.’ And that’s how I’ve chosen to deal with it: fix your shit and move on. And that’s why I put out four records in the time the last fucking MEGADETH record came out, and I think every one of ’em are as good or better than the latest MEGADETH record. I think the quality… And part of it is I’m working with great people. Whether they’re famous or not doesn’t matter. I’m working with good people. They’re safe, they’re reliable, they’re truly men of integrity, and I think that really makes a big difference. I feel safe around them. And the creative process is fun. It’s not restrictive. It’s unlimited. And so this creative explosion has happened. And again, listen, I’m not trying to be in 85 bands — believe me, I’m not. But it’s interesting that there was this sort of post-MEGADETH season here where all these records came out. And rather than try to limit them and restrict them, I’m, like, ‘Fuck it. Put ’em out. Let’s go.’ In a lot of ways, it’s turned out okay. It’s been fine. And I’m okay. People ask, and I’m, like, ‘I’m okay.’ It was kind of a weird ending.”

Ellefson added: “I mean, look, I knew three things when I met Dave: one, our band was gonna be successful; two, it was gonna be a lot of work; and three, one day this is gonna end really badly. I just could tell. (Laughs) Even at 18 years old, a kid from the farm, naïve as I was, I went, ‘Yeah, all three of those things.’ And I was right: check, check, check. I certainly didn’t see it ending like that. And part of me, I always kind of go, ‘Is it really the end of the story?’ I mean, look at how it ended in 2002. In 2004 and 2005, we were in litigation over business matters and stuff, and I ended up going back to the band. So I’d rather not disrespect it and be pissed about it. These are things that you work out privately, not publicly. And the press liked to have a field day with it because it was good clickbait there for a season. But the truth of it is Dave and I aren’t talking about it anymore, and that’s why I’m not talking about it anymore. At some point, you move on. You let the music do the talking now.”

Shortly before Ellefson was fired from MEGADETH, he released a statement on Instagram denying all social media chatter that he “groomed” an underage fan. He also filed a report with the police department in Scottsdale, Arizona alleging unlawful distribution of sexually explicit images of him by unknown offenders. In the report, Ellefson admitted that he had been exchanging sexual text messages with a Dutch teenager, who captured a video of several of their virtual “masturbating encounters” without his consent and shared them with friends. (According to Ellefson, the woman was 19 at the time of their first virtual sexual encounter.) Ellefson, who lives in Scottsdale, first became aware of the video on May 9, 2021, when the claim “David Ellefson of MEGADETH is a pedophile” appeared on InstagramEllefson told police he was notified on May 14 by MEGADETH that the band would be parting ways with him. Three days later, he was fired.

Mustaine — who formed MEGADETH with Ellefson in 1983 — released a statement on May 24, 2021 announcing the bassist’s departure from the band. In the statement, Dave said: “We do not take this decision lightly. While we do not know every detail of what occurred, with an already strained relationship, what has already been revealed now is enough to make working together impossible moving forward.”

Two days after Mustaine announced Ellefson‘s latest departure from MEGADETH, the bassist released a follow-up statement in which he vowed to file a “defamation lawsuit” against the person who “illegally posted a very private video” of the bassist and made “false allegations” against him. He also said he was working with the police in Scottsdale “in their investigation into charges regarding revenge pornography to be filed against the person who posted the video. This person will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” Ellefson wrote. He went on to say that he was “taking this time to be with my family” and wished his “bandmates” the best with their tour.

Last month, Ellefson was asked by Spain’s The Metal Circus if he thinks he was “a victim of unnecessary criminalization” when he was fired from MEGADETH two years ago. Ellefson said: “A hundred percent. Fucking a hundred percent I was. Everything about that was just not okay. (Laughs) But you can spend your life trying to get justice, trying to go down that road, and it’s kind of like it always just follows you. I had some good advisors around me, and at some point, it’s, like, ‘Look, it is what it is. What happened, happened. Just move on.’ Life is lived forward, not backward… Own your shit and move on. Which is what I did. The night that a video was put out of me that I knew nothing about, and there it was. And all of a sudden, it’s, like, hey, own your shit. All right. Whatever. That happened. Move on. And don’t sit there and try to go back and do some spin control or call the publicists. ‘Cause that’s what some people wanted to do. And I was, like, ‘Fuck that.’ It is what it is. Just fucking own it and move on. And I’d like to think there’s more integrity in just ‘own your shit and move on.’ … Let that situation help you get better rather than just sit around and hate on everyone.”

“I have not spent the last two years walking around saying ‘fuck you’ and ta-da-da-da-da. If anything, hey, I wish you well. Get on with your life. If that’s what it is, then it’s better to go our separate ways.”

Asked if he is happier now than he was before, Ellefson said: “Very much. And in fact, outside of you and me talking about this, I don’t even think about MEGADETH anymore. I really don’t — I don’t think about it. That whole thing, to me, it’s dead to me, to be honest with you.”

He continued: “I wasn’t unhappy before. I knew what I was walking back into when I came back to MEGADETH. I knew what I was walking back into in 2010, which is why I agreed to only go back for one month and do the ‘Rust In Peace’ (anniversary) tour. And essentially I saved the day, because they didn’t have a bass player, and they were about ready to go play the ‘Rust In Peace’ album. And (then-MEGADETH drummer) Shawn Drover, who recently was under some pretty shitty attack by a certain person we know, Shawn Drover did the right thing bringing me to MEGADETH. It was the right move for the band, for the legacy, for the fans, for the ‘Big Four’, for everything around it. Shawn Drover is a hero to MEGADETH. And he brought me back. I agreed to do it for a month. It went well, so we agreed to go to South America. It went well. We agreed to carry on, and we just kind of took it one tour at a time. And that carried on for another 11 years. So as much as there’s some recent scrutiny about I should have never been brought back… Well, apparently I should have been, and apparently I should have never been out of there in the first place. And the two times that I’ve not been there were not of my doing. The first (exit) was over the change of financial splits, and then the second time was clearly of something much bigger — personal grudges and resentments toward me. But that notwithstanding, I knew what I was walking back into. And we had a lot of good times. There was a lot of fun in the 11 years that I came back. Not so much in the recent years. The last couple of years were pretty shitty and pretty difficult, especially trying to make that record (MEGADETH‘s 2022 album ‘The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!’). It was very clear I was not invited into it. I was not welcomed. Clearly Dave did not want me to be part of that story, of that album. And I knew it. So, again, I’m a big boy. I get it. I see it. So that’s why when I was dismissed, it was kind of, like, ‘Well, all right. Move on from that.’ That’s why I’m not bitter about this. Now, it didn’t end the way I thought it would, but oh, well. MEGADETH‘s over again. Well, now what? Move on. So I’d already been down this road once before.”

Ellefson added: “I think, for me, I always knew when I came back to the group that don’t look for your happiness here. Enjoy it. Be thankful for it. It’s gonna end. You just don’t know when or how, but it will end one day, and it did. So when it happened, I was able to just kind of move on from it and get away from — again — shitty people that did shitty things to me and just kind of close all that down and move on. So I think now there’s just a lot more joy in my life. I make music I like with people I like. I’m excited about it.”

In 2004, Ellefson filed an $18.5-million lawsuit against Mustaine, alleging the frontman shortchanged him on profits and backed out of a deal to turn Megadeth Inc. over to him when the band broke up in 2002. The lawsuit was eventually dismissed and Ellefson rejoined MEGADETH in 2010.

Ellefson was in MEGADETH from the band’s inception in 1983 to 2002, and again from 2010 until his latest exit.

MEGADETH released their last album ‘The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead last year. Bass tracks were laid down by Steve DiGiorgio (TESTAMENT, SADUS, DEATH), before former MEGADETH bassist James Lomenzo was announced as Ellefson’s replacement.

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