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'Dyers Eve' submitted to the “Toneshed Cover Sessions”


Recently, we paid attention to the TONESHED RECORDING STUDIO in our Specials. The studio now releases a cover of the Metallica classic ‘Dyers Eve’, in the third of the series of “Toneshed Cover Session”.

Watch ‘Dyers Eve’ below.

Erwin Hermsen of Toneshed Studios:

“Dyers Eve” might be one of the most savage Metallica tracks ever recorded. Originally featured as the closing track on the 1988 album “…And Justice For All”.

The albus is famous for its extraordinary production at the time and criticized for not having an audible bass guitar.
I selected a few musicians that always kept a warm heart for this band, the same as I do:

Punk rocker Marco GJ Roelofs (Heideroosjes) is performing vocals on this recording, giving it a unique touch. Not trying to imitate or copy Mr. James Hetfield. Respect!

I tracked guitars with the MetalCore dude JD Liefting (The Royal)  who’s band mates seemed quite surprised about his secret love for Metallica.

Pure Rock ‘n Roller Bram Engelen (OSTROGOTH) looks and breaths old school, although he is the youngest of the bunch. He played the leads adding an own little twist to them.

The solid low end foundation was done by Gerard Gubbels (Harris / Parris) in true Jason Newsted style. I mean playing with a pick and doubling all guitar notes like a madman, not the volume in the mix. This time you can actually hear it!!

Finally Roel van Helden from Powerwolf did an outstanding job drumming this intense track! All double bass where it should be!

As always the audio production was done by undersigned at Toneshed Recording Studio , Horst, the Netherlands. This time I also did all video recording and editing.

If you are interested in participating in a future cover, get in touch via the Toneshed website.

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