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Dutch MISANTHROPIA postpone new album "Convoy Of Sickness"

Photo Credit: Rick Jacops - edited by Jan Yrlund


Dutch symphonic black metal outfit MISANTHROPIA have postponed the release of their new album “Convoy Of Sickness” due to a production delay – the new release date is now December 18, 2020.

They also announced a 3rd single entitled “Silent War”, which will be released on December 9th along with a play-through video.

Meanwhile, check out the lyric videos for the first two singles on YouTube:

Watch “Sorrow Made Flesh”  and “The Eagle And The Hare” below.

For the upcoming album, MISANTHROPIA once again teamed up with  producer Mike Wead and renowned graphic artist Jan Yrlund.

You can still pre-order “Convoy Of Sickness” AT THIS LOCATION.

The track list of the album is available below:
1. Convoy Of Sickness
2. Silent War
3. Pathological Desire To Kill
4. Nicodemus Narcissus
5. Sorrow Made Flesh
6. Aan De Herwijnse Zijde
7. The Unburied
8. The Eagle And The Hare
9. Roze Balletten
10. Through The Eye Of The Needle

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