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Dutch death metallers KORPSE stream single 'Insufferable Violence'


Extreme death metallers KORPSE have announced their third full-length album Insufferable Violence which will be released on 26th February via Unique Leader Records. Ahead of the album, the band now streams its title track.

Stream Insufferable Violence  below.

The track is based on the story of a Dutch soldier in the Yugoslavian wars that was part of the army clean up crew. As the first person to enter a massacred and abandoned village after ethnic cleansing by the Serbs he found upside down crucified pregnant women, of whom the foetuses were cut out and left dangling from their mothers by their umbilical cords. 

Pre-order Insufferable Violence LP here: https://orcd.co/insufferableviolence

KORPSE comments: We are very proud to present to you our third album called Insufferable Violence. The title is an obvious metaphor for what to expect from the new tracks; relentless brutal death metal in our signature style of the genre. Obviously, the songs are fast, brutal, aggressive, slow and groovy, but we didn’t shy away from trying new things. We’ve incorporated a lot of death metal’s neighbouring genres to spice up the mix, varying from beatdown to black metal, and from goregrind to tech death. We feel this is the absolute best album we are able to deliver at this point in our career and we sincerely hope you will become as excited about it as we are!”

Vocals: Sven van Dijk
Guitars: Floor van Kuijk
Bass: Robin van Rijswijk
Drums: Marten van Kruijssen

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